Sunday, July 31, 2022

This Week's 'To-Do' List: 7/31/22

This has been a limiting week!  The asthma attack that I was battling over the weekend sent me to the doctor on Monday.  After checking me out for several things that I'm glad I didn't have, she confirmed what I thought I knew, that it was a bad asthma attack (which by that time was on day 5).  She gave me a big shot of steroids (I try to avoid taking steroids whenever I can, but sometimes I have to and this was one of them.), told me to stay out of the heat even to the point of having my husband get the vehicle running and cooled down before I stepped outside the doctor's office, go home sit, be still and not exert myself in anyway.  If I was not better in two days, I was to go to the ER.  The ER is the last place I wanted to be, so I obeyed her instructions!  Let me just say that my husband took care of me like I was a queen.  He prepared all the meals, and many times brought them to me.  With his excellent care and me following doctor's orders I managed to stay out of the ER, but it has taken me all week to recover.  Rarely do I have asthma attacks this severe, it was quite limiting!

(Picture: another peaceful photo I took at a Mennonite settlement.)

With my 'limiting' week, how did I do on my 'to-do' list ...

My to-do list for last week looked like this:

Bible:  Continue to read a Psalm a day and work on my chosen memory verse, Isaiah 26:3-4.  Spending time in the Psalms right now is comforting.  Also, I'm really going to try to finish writing and fine-tuning my 'Knowing Our Enemy' Bible study as well.  Done!  If you read Wednesday's post you will know that my new blog, From This Heart Of Mine, is up and running.  This is where I have shared my 'Know Our Enemy' Bible study, I'll also be sharing devotionals and other Bible studies and helps that I write.

Exercise and Fitness:  I'm going to try for 60,000 steps this week again and start a Pilate exercise routine with 1 or 2 exercises.  I'll build on these 1 or 2 in the following weeks.  I've learned that the secret to starting and maintaining in my fitness journey is to start small, go slow and build upon that.  Needless to say, I didn't meet this goal this week or come anywhere close to it!  I'll try again next week!

Reading:  I'm almost finished with Reshaping It All by Candance Bure, I want to finish it up this week and start another book ... that is yet to be decided!  Done!  This was such an encouraging book for me to read that helped me lots on my continued fitness journey.  I will read this book again!  

Re-can pizza sauce from #10 cans.  Didn't get done!

Finish canning tomatoes.  This will finish up all the tomatoes in our garden except for a few stragglers to eat.  The heat has really hurt our tomatoes this year.  I'm just so thankful that we were able to harvest enough to preserve.  Towards the end of the week, I was able to get this done, I'm so thankful!

If I get the okay, and am able, to start using my wrist and hand, start quilting on my Santa Hat quilt.  Good news on my wrist and hand!  There are no fractures, the CT did show severe arthritis in my hand which I knew I had.  The doctor said my fall severely aggravated my severe arthritis!  Hmmm, that's too much 'severe' in her diagnosis for my liking but given time she was optimistic that it would get back to where it was before the fall.  I just need to be patient and careful with it so, I didn't start quilting on my Santa Hat quilt this week.

Start planting fall garden. Didn't get done! 

So, what about next week?  What is my to-do list going to look like?  It's going to look like this ...

Bible:  Continue reading in the Psalms, work on my new memory verse Isaiah 41:13 and start work on a special six weeks 'Fall Series' I'll be teaching the tweens/teens class I teach.

My Fitness Journey: I'm going to try for 60,000 steps again as well as add a couple new Pilates to my routine.

Preserve figs that we were given to us

Finish stitching up a pair of linen pants I've almost gotten finished.

Start planting fall garden

Don't forget that you can check on the progress of my ‘Goals for July’ by clicking on the ‘Featured Post’ on the sidebar! 

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  1. There is nothing like a sweet Hubby! I don't know what I would do without mine!

    Our house needs to be cleaned top to bottom.

    Continue working through the treatments I am on for my EDS. This takes patience for me.

    Breakfast with dear friends on Wednesday. Between my EDS and my friend's two ortho surgeries in the last year we are a pair and sometimes it takes all we've got to get there but it is a huge blessing.

    Small group here on Thursday.

    Continue to preserve and work on my pantry as the opportunity comes along.

    Have a good week, all!

    1. Lana, I pray that you are making progress with your EDS. Dear friends are priceless, aren't they? I'll be looking for opportunities to work on my pantry as well. It looks like both of us have a full week.

  2. So thankful that your hubs cared for you so carefully, to help you recover from your asthma attack and that your wrist is on the mend. The heat and humidity as been aggravating for many people I know, impacting those with asthma and joint issues.

    My Bible study group is on a little break right now (lots of our members are traveling and have family obligations; we'll resume this Fall), and I'm enjoying your new blog as a substitute. Thankful for your knowledge and inspiration.

    Last week focused on finishing my canning for a charity fundraiser I'm involved with. In addition to the strawberry and peach melba jam I previously made, I did 1/2 batch of peach habanero jam and 1/2 batch of a sweet and hot pepper relish. Each can be poured over a brick of cream cheese or mixed in to it, for use as a cracker spread. This week will be a busy one, too. Today, I'm spending the day with my daughter, visiting her grandmother (my mom) and uncle (my late husband's brother) for the day, to celebrate her 40th birthday. Her uncle wants to take us both out to dinner for our birthdays (mine was last month). Tomorrow, I'll be making zucchini bread and banana bread for the fundraiser, and Weds. is our event. I'm planning on spending Thursday on canning prep -- cleaning the kitchen, pulling my jars from storage and getting them washed, making sure I have everything I need, and then Friday and Saturday (and likely Sunday, too) will be spent on canning. I'll be doing tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, regular tomato sauce, and then an assortment of pickles. A friend and my daughter will be here to assist, so it will be an assembly line and will likely wind up with a pizza for dinner! Up next week will be peaches and apricots, if they're ready. My herbs need a haircut, too, so more in the dehydrator at some point this week.

    Make it a great day!

    1. Lori, thank you! Indeed, you do have a full week, I hope it all comes off without a hitch!

  3. I'm so glad that you heeded the doctor's advice and didn't push on despite how you felt! I've known too many who died due to ignoring asthma symptoms. I do know how difficult it can be in a busy season (the busiest for you even though you are busy all of the time) to have to rest. I'm glad you got better and were able to can your tomatoes later in the week. Do take care!
    I added some sale priced (I laugh at that term these days. I find very little clearance so watch store prices like a hawk and then purchase based on that) meat yesterday and put into the few empty places I created in my freezer over the past two weeks. I'm very grateful to have found what I did. It was something like 16 or so meals worth (for two, not one each), so that was a huge thing and it was reasonable enough. Thankful for all the training I've had i've had in using ground beef and chicken, lol.
    I am officially 'on vacation' this month, but I will still be puttering about. Since I don't have a garden I'll see what I might store towards filling my freezer and pantry. As another blogger shared, you don't have to have the garden, but you do have to be proactive in stocking up!

    1. Terri, I agree, sales aren't what they use to be and makes getting the better price more of a challenge. I like, 'you don't have to have the garden, but you do have to be proactive in stocking up!' I agree completely!