Monday, August 1, 2022

Goals for August 2022

July 2022 is now history and it's time to set some goals for August, but before I do you can take a look back at July's to see how I did.  I didn't get to mark everything as completed but considering the health issues I continued to have, I'm pretty pleased with what I did get done!  You can read July's goals post HERE.

I have high hopes for August as I am moving along nicely in my recovery from my fall and the other health issues I encountered are being treated.  I am feeling stronger, and it feels so good!

August goals are as follows:

(Updates throughout the month will be added in red, so check back often to see how I'm doing.)

Health:  log 260,000 steps on my step counter

8/7/22:  I logged 57,500 steps for the first week in August

8/14/22:  I logged 63,500 steps giving me a total thus far of 121,000 for the month

9/1/22:  I did it, I logged 273,000 steps for the month of August.

Maintain weight:  I did that too!  In my humble opinion keeping the weight off is as hard as losing it.  For me it has meant a permanent lifestyle change in the way I think, in my activities, in the way I keep myself motivated and in the priorities I set.  This new lifestyle absolutely has to be a priority!

Pantry:  This month I'm focusing on restocking bulk items, so the goal is to add 5 different bulk items.  Done!  Look at this post and see if you can figure out what my bulk items were!

Misc:  Get fall garden planted.  Done!  Round one of our fall garden is planted!  You can read about it HERE!

Start hand quilting "Santa Hat' quilt top.  Didn't get done!

Sew one completed item:  I neglected to put this on my goals sheet!  I finished a cross stitch project but haven't gotten it sewn into a mini pillow, yet which means it's not completed!

Read two books: I neglected to put this one on my goals sheet too. I'm really trying to make a concentrated effort to read more 'hold in your hands' books instead of doing the majority of my reading online.  It's so easy to get in the habit of online reading and I recently realized I'm missing reading the old-fashioned way ... with actual 'hold in your hands' books.  

8/11/22:  Finished STEP into It by Anita Morris.  I really enjoyed reading this book. I took my time and tried to absorb the nuggets in the book.  Some books are like that for me ... I just need to slow down, take notes and absorb them!

I finished one of the two books I wanted to read so this goal was partially met.

I'm giving myself the month of August to continue healing and recovering hence a somewhat small goals list for the month.

Until the next post,


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  1. I think your pantry is money in the bank with these soaring grocery prices.
    I need to put sewing on my goal list. I’ve been gifted a bunch more fabric and sewing supplies

    1. Rhonda, what a blessing to be gifted fabric and sewing supplies, that's something else that has gone up in price greatly! Having a well-stocked pantry is indeed 'money in the bank!' Thank you!

  2. August-
    Keep babying along our veggie plants in hopes of getting some more to harvest. The tomatoes are finally starting to ripen.

    Plan menus and food lists for two weeks at the lake. Oldest son's family will be there for part of that time and I want to be well prepared and organized. I also try not to buy many groceries in that area because prices are much higher than at home.

    Continue to build our pantry with whatever comes along. Half pork loins will be 1.49 a pound on Saturday at Lidl and I would like to get the 10# limit and get it in jars. Keep looking for pint jars. I ordered again from Walmart for pick up and waiting to see if they cancel again. I had gift cards form Swagbucks to make these mostly free.

    Find a sale on replacement sneakers for my husband. I always keep a new pair for him on hand for when he needs them and he got out the new ones last week.

    Call my Mom every day. Most days she does not answer the phone but lately when she does she knows who I am and it is good to talk to her when she is not all mixed up.

    1. Lana, your August plans sound productive and wonderful, especially calling your mom every day. You won't ever regret that! I hope you achieve all of them.

  3. My husband had slight asthma before he got Covid. For several months after he got over Covid his asthma became awful! It was all due to Covid! It did improve slowly. Anyway, this came to mind when I read about your recent attack. My guess the severity of it was due to your recent bout with Covid—just like my husband. I wish you good health!

    1. Melanie, thank you for your comment. It goes along with and confirms what we think is going on with me. I'm sorry your husband had to endure it but I'm sure glad you shared it; it makes me feel better about working through this.


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