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Sunday, November 13, 2022

Learning a New Skill: Serpentine Stitch Quilting

This week I’m setting myself a mini goal of learning how to machine quilt using the serpentine stitch and I’m breaking it down into small steps along with a timeline for getting them done.

I thought I would bring you along for the process and give you a glimpse of how I go about learning new skills …

(What has this picture got to do with this mini goal I've set myself?  Absolutely nothing!  My Christmas Catus is showing off with all its blooms and I just wanted to share the beauty!)

Here's this week's breakdown ... wish me luck!

Saturday/Sunday:    Watch the following Youtube videos and take notes ...  DONE!

How to Machine Quilt with the Serpentine Stitch  ...  DONE!

Machine Quilting Tips, Serpentine Stitch ... DONE!

Wavy Quilt Stitching, How to Quilt Your Own Quilts  ... DONE!

Monday     Consult sewing machine manual for serpentine stitch ... DONE!

                         Attach walking foot and guide on sewing machine ... DONE!

Tuesday:     Determine length and width of stitch and do a sample stitch ... DONE!  

Make adjustments if needed ... DONE!

Practice!  Practice!  Practice! ... DONE!  

Wednesday:  Determine how I want to quilt the quilt:  horizontal, distance between quilting rows, etc.  DONE!

Thursday:   Prepare quilt for quilting (spray baste quilt layers, etc)  DONE!  A week late but DONE!  In fact, I have 4 that have been spray basted and are ready to be quilted!

Friday:         Move machine to a large table to support weight of quilt

                        Use quilting gloves for guiding and griping quilt

                        Start with needle down

Note:  If you have to step away from the quilting for a day, days or even several hours, make a note what your stitch length and width are and make sure they are still set at those settings before starting again.  DONE!  I took a picture on my phone of the settings once I determined what gave me the look I wanted.

Saturday:  Catch up day!  (I would love to have one of the cuddle quilts I'm doing quilted using this method by this date!)

I can do all these steps at one time, if I get the chance but if not, having the entire task broken down into small steps assigned to specific days helps ensure that I’ll get them done!

Do you have any tips or suggestions on machine quilting using the serpentine stitch?

I’ll post updates as the week progresses!

How do you go about learning new skills?

Until next time, 


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  1. A friend in Perth AU quilts every one of her quilts with a serpentine. They all look terrific. Have a wonderful time getting them finished! Nothing more satisfying :-)

    1. Elle, thank you, I really like the look and am anxious to learn this skill!

  2. I just checked my machine (a White 2037), and it appears to have that stitch. I'll have to try it on my Project Linus quilts.

    1. Frances, please let me know how you like it. I checked mine and it doesn't have it built in, but there are a couple that are very similar, so I'm going to go with one of them.

  3. I always leave a note by my sewing machine of the last thing I was doing and what stitch. Kids thought it was funny until I got sick and Son 2 had to finish his own pants. He thought it was great then