Thursday, January 26, 2023

A Journal of My Days: 1/26/23

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We took a little road trip today via an errand we had to run.  We had recently been told of a small Mennonite store about 2 1/2 hours away in the direction of the errand we had to run so today we decided to check it out!

They had several spices, but not the one I was looking for (white pepper) so I didn't buy any.

This section housed jelly and jam and honey.  I purchased a quart of honey to replace the one I had pulled from my pantry and am using.

A variety of grains is showing in this picture.  I didn't buy any of those as I didn't need anything they had available.

These shelves caught my eye because of the soup pouches.  I was going to buy a potato soup package for duplication purposes, until I saw the price.  I decided that I could duplicate it without it!

They had a variety of breads.

Aprons ... I'm sure glad I can sew!

I purchased this coloring book as it had several 'farm' and 'kitchen' pictures in it that would work well for embroidery work.

Will we go back to this Mennonite store, if we're in the area we will, but we're not likely to make a special trip back due to the distance.  They were very busy, and it seemed to be a favorite spot for many.  They made fresh deli sandwiches, were cooking donuts on the front porch and the employees were very friendly.  It was a nice day trip!

Before we left home for our excursion this morning, I started work on these 3 pillowcases and did more work on the quilt my sister and I are doing via technology.  After we got home this afternoon, I finished the pillowcases and added them to the ones I completed yesterday.  I also worked more on the quilt my sister and I are doing.  Sometimes I have to work my sewing time in and around everything else, like today.  A few minutes here and there really do add up to a completed project.

That's it for me today!

From the archives, I wrote and published this series back in 2015 ...

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  1. Do you mind me asking the name of the store? We live near Raleigh and I’m on the lookout for Mennonite stores.

    1. Lee Ann, it's called the Country Barn in Beulaville. Have you found in or near your area?

    2. The only one we’ve found is over 2 hours away going towards Boone. I think the name is Shiloh

    3. Lee Ann, we've just learned about that one recently.

  2. Amish and Mennonites are a significant portion of our county's population. We have 5 of their stores an hour or less away from home. They are my go to stores for spices, baking and canning supplies.

  3. That looks like such a fun store! The prices at those stores make me glad I have some skills though! But having some of those skills, I also appreciate the amount of time and work that goes into those products, so I'm sure the prices are justified. Hmmm, maybe we should go into business!
    That looks like a darling coloring book, too. I can't wait to see what you do with the images inside.

    1. Kelsey, the store was a fun visit and while I looked at the prices there was a part of me that was processing the very thing you were talking about. Handmade sewing items are often compared to mass produced clothing in stores when it comes to pricing. The seamstress just can't compete with the prices.