Friday, January 27, 2023

Bargain Shopping: 1/27/23

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Hubby wanted to do our bargain shopping today so we set off early this morning to see what we could find ...

All of this came from the same store:

                                                      Lance crackers: On sale for $6.99                                                            (Hubby likes these so we were delighted to find them at this price.)

2 packages of sausage patties marked down:  One was marked down to $1.65 and the other $1.45.

3 packages of 73/27 ground beef on sale for $1.99/lb  (They were running a sale on 73/27 ground beef for $2.79/lb but had a few packages for $1.99/lb.  The $1.99/lb ground beef looked the same as the $2.79/lb ground beef.)  One was marked down to $3.66, one to $3.10 and one $3.32.

2 packages diced ham on clearance for $.99 each.  We'll use these in salads, omelets, in potato soup, etc.

Total Spent for Items:  $22.15 before taxes

That's it for me today!

Let's close with a quote to encourage and inspire us ...

A frugal lifestyle doesn't happen by wishing only!

From the archives, I wrote and published this series back in 2015 ...

I hope you've found something helpful or inspiring in today's post!

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  1. Great finds! We keep those type crackers in the car for those starving moments when we are away from home. We really like those ham packs. They are so useful.

    I had planned to buy a whole chicken on sale for 1.29 a pound but then we decided to stop at Sam's for Crisco and we found a rotisserie chicken so big it hardly fit in the container so I though for 4.98 it would be silly to take one home that I had to cook myself. Our big deal of the day was a whole boneless pork loin for 1.48 a pound. It is almost ten pounds so tomorrow the canners will be going with just pork and some jars of pork stew which we cannot tell from beef when we eat it. It will also use up some sprouting potatoes. We got ground chuck for 2.99 a pound at Lidl with a limit of four pounds but any deal is great no matter how small the amount.

    1. Lana, I would have done the same thing in choosing an already cooked chicken from Sam's as opposed to one that was not when the price was comparable.

      We do the same thing when pork loin goes on sale here! Great minds!!! Or should I say 'frugal minds!'

      We also take advantage of good deals even when there's a limit. Any amount at a reduced price is better than no amount at all.

      You all had a good bargain shopping experience too! Way to go!

    2. We used one of the pound packs of ground chuck for supper and we're surprised to find a security sticker tag on the back of the pkg.

    3. Lana, that surprises me and yet it doesn't.

  2. Those are really good prices, Patsi! This week I bought a package of hamburger patties that had a 25% off sticker. I'll flash freeze these and bag them for easy meals for when I have to eat a separate meal from my family. The store also had a buy one bundle of kale, get one free offer so I took advantage of that too. It pains me to buy kale, but since dark leafy greens have become a dietary staple for me and I don't have any in the garden right now, it was a good deal.

    1. Kelsey, it sounds like you're developing some great strategies in coping with your new normal. I'm glad you were able to find the kale on sale, maybe you can experiment with being able to grow it year-round in your garden this year. I don't know if that's possible, but we have to start where we are when life hands us challenges and I have no doubt that given time, you will come up with a solution!