Wednesday, January 4, 2023

January 2023 Goals

Before I share January’s goals, I have to tell you about our weather … it’s 77 degrees right now and supposed to go higher.  This is January 4th, last week our temps were well below freezing … enough said!

Yesterday, I shared my goals for 2023 and in today's post, we're going to start breaking them down into more manageable monthly portions.  Here's January's goals ...

Read 4 books

What Money Can't Buy, a story from the Great Depression by Emily Steiner

I started Uncle Tom's Cabin, but didn't get it finished.

Not the number of books I wanted to get read, but its progress towards by overall goal for the year!

Start quilt-a-long with my sister  Done!  Started 1/5/23

Complete month 5 in God of All Comfort Bible Study  Done!

Stay current on Write on My Heart Daily Scripture Writing  Done!  The simple act of just writing Scripture daily is so uplifting.

Register and start on the book of Luke in Through the Scriptures in Bible study course.  Looking at our schedule, I decided that I would wait until fall to take the book of Luke Bible class.

Look at the new David Austin rose catalog and choose rose bush for valentine’s day gift and order it.  Didn't get done!  I did a lot of looking at the catalog though!

Make at least one draw string bag.  Didn't get done!

Finish ‘mouse’ cross stitch project  Didn't get done!  Don't asked me why, I'm almost finished with it and it wouldn't take 30 minutes to have it completed!

Prepare and get ready to mail by the first of February, Valentine goodies for our grands.  I prepared them and got them ready to mail and then came down with covid.  They got mailed in February instead.

Select pattern for hand stitched garment  Didn't get done!  I thought about it, but didn't get any further than thinking!

Set up outfit vision board and add at least one outfit to it.  Done!  I set up a folder on my computer that I can refer back to as wanted or needed and added one outfit to it.

Try 2 new to us dishes/meals  Didn't get done!  We are creatures of habit and like our usual dishes/meals.  Still, this is something I want to do, I'll revisit this goal later.

Write and post new Bible study on my other blog, From This Heart of Mine, on the topic of ‘When Forgiveness is Hard.’  DONE!

Part One:  When Forgiveness is Hard ... DONE!

Part Two:  When Forgiveness is Hard, part 2 ... DONE!

Teach monthly ladies Bible ClassDONE!

And finally, let’s talk about my fitness journey goal for this month.  I must confess that I enjoyed the goodies of Christmas a little too much between Christmas and New Year’s Day to the tune of about 5 lbs (Yes, I did, I totally fell off the wagon of sensible eating!!!  Can you believe I did that!!!!).  So, as you might imagine, my goal for January is to get rid of those 5 extra pounds.   I sure did enjoy the goodies at the time but now I’m sure wishing I had exercised moderation more!!!  As I’ve shared many times, maintaining my weight loss has been and is just as hard as losing the weight was … it’s just the way it is for me.    My plan is to buckle down, go back to the plan that helped me lose the weight and work that plan to death!!!  Wish me luck!  I'm not sure how to answer this one.  I was battling covid when it was time to do my weigh-in so I didn't do it.  The last weigh-in a few days prior to that showed I had lost 2 of the 5 pounds.  I'll take it and keep working to get those other 3 off ... after I recover from covid.


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  1. This weather is really something. But, I kept saying that the cold weather we have already had would make the rest of the winter warm. It happens every time. I was waiting for you to tell us what you are going to do with the buggies and all those wheels!

    1. Lana, I have two old wagon wheels that serve as a backdrop for rose bushes! The wagon wheels in the picture where at a Mennonite auction we attended.

  2. I need more roses! And to lose those holiday 5 too! If you have time, would you post a picture of Valentine's goodies for your grands? Ty!😍

    1. Angela, I will as soon as I get them all pulled together.

  3. You are being very ambitious with your goals...At least ambitious compared to my own! Do you find your Bible Studies online?

    1. Terri, there is an online presence for all three of them. I posted links to them in yesterday's post at this link ...

      I personally know the authors of two of the studies and my hubby knows several of the teachers at the online school where we do the Through the Scriptures study. We are careful to make sure we study under those whose writings are true to God's Word and can recommend with confidence any or all of these three.

  4. Wonderful ambitious goals. I’m rehabbing my new knee, want to read 1 book a month, be more intentional, slowly redecorate our home on a budget, start a small garden and get outside more. We live near Raleigh so this weather is pretty amazing right now

    1. Lee Ann, I hope your new knee serves you well and helps enable you to meet your goals for the year. I like all your goals!