Thursday, February 23, 2023

A Journal of My Days: 2/23/23

 Our temps were in the upper 80's today!!!  We had to turn on the AC unit!

There was a brisk breeze blowing continually, the constant breeze along with the temps made it a good day to line dry 2 pieces of fabric I plan on making a couple of summer dresses out of.

Both pieces of fabric are a linen blend.  Linen makes for cool breathable garments and with our heat and humidity during the summer you want garments that help you stay cooler.

Since this was the first time I've used my clothesline this year, I took a wet cloth and cleaned both lines before hanging the fabric on one of them. It didn't take long for both pieces to dry and the brisk breeze removed the wrinkles, so no ironing was needed.

We got the yard mowed for the first time this year as well.  There were several things to pick up and remove and it kept me hopping to stay ahead of my hubby who was on the riding mower.  It took us all morning with both of us working together, the yard was a mess with winter debris all over the place.

I did my exercise in the form of another walk today instead of doing my usual video workout.  While walking I listed to this video from Homesteading Family titled Lessons from the Great Depression.  I like listening to something while I walk.  It makes the time go so much faster!

Hubby made a pecan pie which we enjoyed a slice of tonight.  I'm really glad that I walked a little extra today!

Video chats with two of my children and three of my grands rounded out the day making it almost perfect!

It was a day of slow, gentle living.  The kind of day that brings contentment and satisfaction to my mind and body.  The kind of day that has me saying, 'thank you Lord for this life that nurtures my soul so deeply!'

That's it for today ...

I hope you've found something helpful or inspiring in today's post!

Until tomorrow ...

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  1. It was 80 here today and warmer in surrounding towns. I wish I could get to the clothesline to hang clothes.

    1. Practical Parsimony, I count it a privilege to be able to do so. I hope that you're soon able to be able to get to the clothesline and utilize it.