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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

February 2023 Goals

I started the month of February off with a diagnosis of covid, this is the second time I've had it in less than a year!  The last time I had it the fatigue hung around for several weeks so I'm keeping that in mind in setting goals for February.

(You can see how I did on January goals HERE!)

February Goals

Read 2 books  Done!

(1) The Bookseller's Promise by Beth Wiseman

(2) Living Slower by Marissa A. Alink

Complete quilt-a-long quilt 'top' my sister and I are doing via technology

Complete memory quilt top for a friend

Complete month 6 in the God of All Comfort Bible study

Stay current on 'Write on My Heart' daily scripture writing.  Done!

Make seed tapes.  Done!  I made beet seed tapes and then got them planted.

Lose the remaining 3 pounds I gained over the Christmas holidays

Complete light workouts for at least 15 days Done!

That's it for this month ...wish me luck!!!


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  1. Finish the book I am reading, I tend to start them and forget about them
    Keep up with the scripture writing
    Heal up for yesterday's dental work so I am ready for the next round in five weeks
    Have everything done and current at home so we can get away to the lake for two weeks later on in the month
    Mail Valentines TODAY

    1. Lana, That sounds like a doable list, I hope you got your valentines in the mail!!! I've had to be really intentional about getting back into reading and I'm happy to say that my love of reading is returning! This has reenforced to me that I have to work at keeping the things that I love in my life ... evening something as simple as reading.

  2. I will be starting my gut healing program this month. Hopefully it will go fairly smoothly!
    I also need to do some decluttering. My mom and I are teaming up to have a garage sale next month.
    I want to get my crafting loft cleaned up, too, so I can get busy with my creative endeavors again. The loft is unfortunately a "catch all" spot and my hobbies suffer for it!

    1. Kelsey, I have a small sewing nook and the same thing happens to it, it can easily become a 'catch all' spot if I don't stay on top of it! I hope you and your mom have a great garage sale! I hope and pray that your gut healing program goes well and that it gives you the results you want and need.


  3. Patsy, how do you make your seed tapes? I want to revamp my garden plans for the fall planting. Continue to use my Instant pot for more meals because cooking in less time means less histamine reaction. I want to continue using my scrap cardstock to make card toppers that are quilt squares. Saw the technique on you tube. Continue reading everyday Cookie

    1. Cookie, my plan is to start on the seed tapes tomorrow, I plan to take pictures as I do and do a post. Several have asked how I plan to do it so I thought a post would be the best way to show everyone.

      What are card toppers, I'm sure I know what it is, but I can't bring it to mind right now.

    2. Card toppers are the decorations that are on the front of a card. Making the ones that are quilt blocks is really addictive. It's like piecing a quilt only it's paper and glue.

    3. Cookie, well, that makes perfect sense!!! I'm sure yours are a masterpiece!