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Sunday, May 28, 2023

From the Archives: Our Journey to a Mortgage Free Home

With the dream of home ownership becoming more difficult to realize, I thought I would bring back the series I did on our journey to a mortgage free home.

Here are the links to the first 5 entries, if you like what you see, I'll include the link to the whole series for your reading pleasure.

May you be inspired by what you read ...

Our Journey to a Mortgage Free Home ...

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

Here's the link to the whole series ...

Our Journey to a Mortgage Free Home

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  1. Thank you so much for reposting. I remember bits and pieces but just read through the entire adventure! I remember when you posted the photo of the burned out shell, yikes! What a testament to hard work and grit! And the results are proof that it was worth it. Thank you again posting the link to the whole series. I am facing some renovations and it made me smile that my to do list is 10% of your project so I need to get over myself ;). Hilogene in Az

  2. Hilogene, your welcome! With the economy the way it is, I thought it might help others to think outside the box on home ownership. Good luck with your renovations, I hope all goes well and quickly!

  3. Your journey to a mortgage-free home is so interesting and inspiring! Well done!

  4. I just mentioned on your post on Annabelle's blog about this series! So glad that you've linked the post in one of your more current ones.

    1. Terri, thank you, maybe it will help someone else think outside the box when it comes to home ownership.

  5. I still love your story and tell others about it often. My grandfather dug and blasted a garage out of the mountain side where their house sat up above. Then by bit he poured a concrete roof over the top. I have a piece of the rock that came out of that mountain side on my deck. It is testimony to the American spirit behind his story and yours. Thanks for reposting!

  6. Wow, what an amazing journey! You were able to turn that broken shell into a lovely home. I think you have more grit and fortitude and muscles than I do though. We have done some remodeling and building ourselves, but nothing on the scale of your house. Great job! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Patsy, thank you for sharing your life and work with all of us. Your post on Bluebirds was so inspiring. I have reread your posts on your journey to a mortgage home and I think you and your husband are quite the working team. Can I please change directions and ask where you get your red buckets for planting and the soil for filling them. Thank you in advance. Dee

    1. Dee, thank you. We get the red buckets at a local feed store. They are empty mineral tubs that farmers return for credit. The store then sells them to anyone who wants them. They make excellent containers for container gardening.

  8. This was very interesting to read. Thank you for sharing. If you sold your place today, what do you think it would sell for?