Friday, September 22, 2023

A Journal of My Days: 9/22/23

I get ask quite often where I put my well-stocked pantry since I live in a small house (925 square feet).  

I thought I'd show you an option that you just might have and not realize it!

This is a 2 x 3-foot closet that my hubby put shelves in.  We took the height of a quart canning jar and added a couple of inches then installed the shelves that far apart.  

I can get approximately 400 jars in this small space.

Some of the things shown are tomatoes; tomato juice; squash; vegetable soup; dried cayenne pepper; pears; collards; turkey; green beans; pork; pizza sauce; chicken; salt; and more! 

 Never underestimate a small space!

In the Pantry:  The dried cayenne pepper sitting on the second shelf was added this week.  

I air-dried quite a bit over the last couple of months and it was finally dry enough to be jarred.  

Notice my 'fancy' way of labeling!!!  I used recycled lids and freezer tape to get the job done.  

It was what I had and so I used it!

In today's economy, we need to make everything count over and over again!

While we were traveling last month, I treated myself to this book, The Modern Pioneer Cookbook.  It's been on my wish list ever since I learned about it several months ago.

It did not disappoint me!

This seasoned cook and home preserver found several things she wanted to try!

Sewing:  My sister and I started our 3rd annual quilt-a-long via technology this week and we've been able to work on them some every day.  We're off to a good start!

Fitness, Health and Self-Care:  I'm happy to report that, as of this writing, I continue to be back on my fitness plan, my head is in a good place mentally and I'm chipping away at the weight I put on while traveling.  I'm down 2 pounds since this time last week.  It feels good! If I can drop another 2 pounds this coming week, I'll be back to my pre-traveling weight.  Wish me luck!  I know that some may think that I'm making a big fuss about a few pounds, but it's those few pounds that can grow into much more if the behavior that put them there is continued.  I've often said that keeping the weight off is harder for me than losing it which means I have to be diligent in staying within the boundaries I've set for myself.  That's what I'm striving to do, stay in those boundaries!

Bible Study: I've continued to do my daily Scripture writing in addition to preparing to launch this new avenue of teaching.

Bargain Shopping:  We've done very little grocery shopping since we've been home, but hubby did come across Raisin Bran cereal on a pretty decent sale and purchased 3 boxes.  We both like Raisin Bran and it makes for a quick meal.

Reading:  I've been reading 'A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23' by Philip Keller.  It has really helped me see the 23rd Psalm in a new light.

In addition:  It's been a while since I've earned any Amazon affiliate money but this month I did.  I used it to purchase new kefir milk grains.  I made kefir milk for several years and then something happened to my grains.  I never replaced them but have recently remembered how good the smoothies were that I made with the kefir milk.  Kefir milk has a lot of health benefits too and at my age all the health benefits I can get are welcomed!

Tropical storm Ophelia is forecast to hit our area today and tomorrow.  Thank you to those who have already reached out letting me know that you are praying.  One just never knows what these storms will do or cause until they arrive in your area!

That's it for this week, how has your week gone? 

Until next time,

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  1. Wow 400 jars! That is a great utilization of a small space. People with weight concerns realize that a couple of extra pounds can so easily escalate unless you are proactive. Stay safe.

    1. Deloris, yes, weight can be an issue. Hubby designed these shelves with that in mind.

  2. I'm working on roasting tomatoes and freezing for now, until cooler weather hits. (Then they'll get turned into sauce and canned.) Dehydrating more celery for winter soups. (I have three bunches in the fridge from a discount store.)
    Just jarred up more dried leeks for a half gallon of dehydrated for more soups this winter.
    Canned a double batch of salsa Verde/tomatillo salsa for white chicken chili this winter yesterday. . Have free tomatoes ripening for use as diced tomatoes. (I'll can those next week.)
    Probably going to try for grabbing several bags of yellow onions from that same discount store. (3 lbs for $1. Which is my favorite stock up price.)
    Might also grab another few bags of carrots to can as they're 2 lbs for $1 also.

    1. Leah, you go girl!!!! I love seeing others be proactive like this ... by the way, I do the same kind of things!

  3. We continue to pray for you in the path of the storm. That is amazing that your pantry holds that many jars! Mom and Dad had a 950 sq foot house for the last few years of their life and they turned their coat closet into a pantry. Just some wire type shelves were added and they had plenty of space for all they needed to store. For us it could be a problem of too much storage available because we can get carried away.

    We had crazy deals available at Publix so $94 worth was $18.50 out of pocket. While we were out we had a Blizzzard at DQ with a coupons on the app for only 85 cents. What a rare treat and delicious! Earlier in the week Hubby ran into Ingles since he was driving right by it and scored 8 cans of Luck's white chili beans for .33 each. On the Luck's website there is a really delicious and easy recipe for white chicken chili. We love it and have made it for those who need a meal and everyone has good things to say about it.

    I hemmed a few napkins that have been hanging around here waiting for me to finish them. There are still a good number left to finish. We picked enough green beams to put a quart in the canner and many handfuls of grape tomatoes. Finally!! It's been a long wait! I ordered new dust mite encasements for our bed pillows. A pack of two was $17 and a pack of three was $19. I always check those Amazon options so I can get the best deal.. I saw a super deal on a toy I think our granddaughter will enjoy for her third birthday so I ordered it and sent it and they will save it for her birthday. I dried a big bunch of dill and it smells so good! Now I will watch for a 3 quarts for a dollar deal on plain yogurt at the salvage store and make some herbed yogurt cheese. It is a good thing to share with friends and neighbors.

    Be safe and please let us know you are okay after the storm goes through.

    1. Lana, Ophelia brought us rain and wind but no damage and it was over fairly soon, some 8 or so hours. You all got some excellent deals, I'm impressed! We haven't bought groceries in several weeks, just milk and bread when needed. I have no idea what prices are doing in our area! Thank you for your prayers!

  4. I picked up a good bit of meat this week at the grocery store on really good sales. I was just beginning to notice that I was low and this hit at a good time. I'll be going back tomorrow to get 99c a jar peanut butter for the pantry and a couple of other meats that are well priced this week, as well as 20c /# potatoes which is UNHEARD of here in the South. We got a refund from the electric co-op that will pay for propane fill-up due at end of the month. I found a most excellent sale on Old Navy for baby and toddler clothing so got the great grands fixed up for birthday/Christmas with that. My original total was $275 and for the 3 to have 4 outfits each the total came out to about $110 with free shipping. Last I ordered a sensory toy that was on sale for $5 each and got four boxes, so that the two littlest grands and my daughter's boyfriend's 3 year old that was just diagnosed with delayed development.

    1. Terri, you're right $.20/lb potatoes is unheard of!!! You really scored well! We have a good deal of our Christmas gifts already purchased too! You've been a smart and prudent shopper!!!

    2. I'm so wrong. I just picked up my ad. The price on potatoes is still very good at 40c a pound, but it's not 20c a pound. I typically pay twice that per pound in my area. The average is always at least 80c.

  5. We were in Atlantic Beach for a wedding. Nothing like having a wedding during a tropical storm