Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How Do You Use It? ... A New Series

Are you ready to delve into a new series? 

It’s gardening time here in the U.S. so let’s talk gardening and preserving … more specially what we do/how we use what we raise in the garden.   By knowing what we use an item for and how we use it, we can determine how much of it we need to plant.

Let’s start with onions.  It’s time to get those planted in the area where I live.  Here is what I do/how I use them …

in salads

as an accompanist to a meal

in soups, stews, casseroles

as an ingredient in herbal remedies

Here’s how I preserve them:

chop and dehydrate to make minced onion

chop, dehydrate and grind to make onion powder

chop and freeze in ¼ cup increments  (I fill snack baggies with ¼ cup chopped onions, seal them, then fill a quart size freezer bag with the snack baggies.  When I need onions for a dish, I take out the number of snack baggies I need and close the quart freezer bag back up.)

as an ingredient in the pepper relish I make

 Okay, it's your turn ...

What kind of onions do you grow and how do you use them?

A Working Pantry

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