Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Lilly's Hair, Bacon and Twins!

BLT sandwiches were on the menu for today and when we cooked the bacon we purposefully cooked way more than we would eat.  Consequently, we have enough for leftover BLT's, which will be eaten for breakfast (oh yes, BLT's are great for breakfast) or for lunch.  If after a couple of days there is any left, I'll break it up into pieces for bacon pieces and freeze them for future use.  This is another way we get ahead in the kitchen!

The twins needed to spend the night with us tonight as their mommy has to be somewhere tomorrow really, really early in the morning, long before they have to be at school.  We'll get them up and off to school for her.  We enjoy having them over and usually try to do something specific with them.  This evening we finished working on Lilly's hair.

As I worked both twins sat around me handing me the items I needed.  We talked, they giggled and laughed and we shared lots of things while Lilly got her new hairdo.  It was a nice evening, it reminded me of years gone by when my children were young and still at home.

I have been ask how I did Lilly's hair, here's the link to the YouTube instructions I followed.  I chose to braid her hair in small braids as it was the best fit for the condition of her hair.  I am very pleased with the way it all turned out!

The high temp today was 41 degrees ... again!  

I hope you've had a great day!


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Monday, January 20, 2020

Taking it Easy, Menu Planning and Egg Shells!

(Picture:  lettuce I harvested from one of our grow barrels.  You can read about how we're going to use it further down in this post.)

I continued the protocol I’m using to treat my vertigo and it continues to improve.   Lying down or getting up, leaning my head back and sudden movements with my head still bring a bit of dizziness, but it is much better than what it was.  I’m so glad to be recovering!

I boiled some eggs this morning to have to eat this week.  I rinsed out the egg shells, placed them in a bowl and set the bowl by the wood stove so the eggshells would dry.  As soon as they’re dry I’ll crush them up and add them to my jar of crushed egg shells that I’m saving to use when we plant tomatoes.

Say It Ain't So, Not Vertigo!

I wish I could say it's not so, but I've been hit by vertigo!  

Yesterday was the worst (hence, no post), but today I am a bit better.  I credit the following protocol with my progress in battling this ailment … which I've had before.

(I am not a doctor or a trained professional, please consult a doctor or trained professional for medical care and treatment. I am only sharing what I chose to do after doing my own research.)

Before I did the following, I checked all by vitals to make sure those numbers were in the normal range for me.  They were, so I proceeded with the following ...

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Laundry and Cleaning and All That Stuff!

Today was laundry and house cleaning day.  If I can, I like to get it all done in one day.

I received affiliate money from Amazon and decided to use it to purchase supplies for Christmas presents.   I ordered this ½ inch Velcro to use on the 18 inch doll clothes I’m making and these hangers to hang/gift the doll clothes.  Thank you to those who shop Amazon through my Amazon affiliate linkIt really does help!

I’m counting the above mentioned 'savings to me' as my Vicky Challenge savings for today in the amount of $22.98 plus $3.02 savings in using 'used' lids instead of new lids.   I'm also counting $60 saved as a result of hubby working on his next project himself instead of hiring someone to do it for him or help him.  What is his next project?  It’s an extension next to the wood shed to house the wood splitter.   

Total Vicky Challenge savings by being prudent and frugal since 1/17/2020:  $100 … add today’s total of $86.00 and the new total is $186.00.

We were given several boxes of powdered laundry detergent that had clumped.  I opened the boxes into a huge bowl, broke the clumps up and put the detergent in jars for future use.  Waste not, want not!  

(Notice that I'm using 'used' lids on the jars.  'Used' jar lids come in handy for several things!)

I worked more on my doll’s hair today using this video as my guide.  I gave it a good trim getting rid of some of the

Friday, January 17, 2020

The Greenhouse, A New Mattress and A Thrift Store Doll!

Today has been full!  I got home last night and today has been all about getting settled back in plus something unexpected!

Let me back up and do a little explaining ...

My mom, who is 82 years old, had to have surgery and I went to help take care of her afterwards.  The morning after we brought her home a really bad storm swept through the area and took out the power for almost 15 hours.  Let me just say that my mom had absolutely no preparedness items anywhere in or around her home, nor did she have a way to keep her home warm.  (I kept thinking of all the things I had at home … 12 hours away!)  We survived it and I got an education in surviving with a post-op patient in the winter with no back-up heat source, no back up power source, no candles, no oil lamps,  no nothing!   It was an experience!

It's normal for me to have back pain, I have a condition that causes almost constant pain, it's just a matter of the level.  For the past month or so my back pain has gotten worse, I mean really worse even to the point of having some numbness in my neck and arms.  While I was away I noticed that the pain was better, by the time I got home my new back pain was almost gone.  Then I slept in my bed last night and I woke up in the wee hours of the morning with the new pain back and the tingling/numbness reoccurring.  It hit me that it was our mattress (It was at least 20 years old!).  I told my hubby that the pain was back and he set to work looking for where we could get a new mattress at the best price.  By afternoon we had a new mattress on our bed and the old one taken to the recycling center.  (Yes, I know how blessed I am to be married to this man!)

I got the opportunity to do a little thrift store shopping towards the end of my time away and found this 18 inch doll for $1.99.  (I'll use this doll as my 'model' and save the one I purchased for my little granddaughter so it doesn't get messed up.) The doll had green marker on the side of her face and in one of her ears but other than that she was in great condition … except for her hair!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The Greenhouse and New Fabric

We had more errands to run today and while out I stopped in at Hobby Lobby.  As is my normal routine, I headed to the clearance section of the fabric department.  Today, I found 2 different pieces that I liked:

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Going and Sewing!

This has been a full day!  We had several errands to run in the closest larger city (about an hour away) and spent a good part of the day going from one place to another.  I was glad to get home because this type of thing just wears me out!

Once home, I sat down and made a list on my phone of all the sewing patterns I have.  I also sent the list to myself via email so that I will have it in 2 different places.  This way, when I'm in a fabric store and find a pattern sale going on, I can check to see if I already have a pattern I'm considering purchasing.  (Please tell me I'm not the only one who has purchased the same pattern twice!)

(Getting this list of patterns on my phone completed the things I wanted to do in organizing my sewing space in week #1 of the 52 - Week Sewing Challenge I'm participating in.)

Then I sat down and did the following sewing while listening to the live December podcast of the 'Glory' study I'm doing by Cindy Colley of Digging Deep in God's Word.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Freezer Meals, Egg Shells and More Organizing!

January is the month that the organizing bug hits me and today I was at it again.  This time I worked on my sewing area some more … I'm almost finished!!!  (Organizing your sewing space is week #1's challenge in the 52-week sewing challenge I'm participating in.)

The two pink tubs on the top shelf house my works-in-progress.

The wire basket in the middle between the pink baskets holds thread, my tape measure and rotary cutter.

The next 3 shelves contain fabric.  

On the left side of the 4th shelf, in the small white basket are bobbin/thread holders.

The bottom shelf holds my scraps divided by size ... 

1 inch strips and 2 inch strips ...

2 and 1/2 inch strips ...

3 inch strips ...

2 1/2 inch squares ...

3 inch squares and 5 inch squares.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

I Found A Clearance Sale!

After morning worship and before a meeting my husband had later this afternoon, we had some time to kill so we stopped in at the local big box store where I found these Thanksgiving themed fat-quarters ...

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Housework and Pattern Storage

That's an odd combination isn't it, housework and pattern storage?  Let's see what I mean!

We awoke to rain and temps in the 60's, not a good day to do anything outside so I got busy doing my usual housework and laundry.  Housework is not my favorite thing to do, but I do like having a clean house.

Okay, that takes care of the housework part, but what about pattern storage?

I'm doing the 52-week Sewing Challenge this year and this first week our assignment is to organize our sewing spaces.  This is where my pattern storage comes in, I needed to finish organizing my patterns as part of getting my sewing space organized.

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