Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Let's Talk ... About Re-Canning

Re-canning, for the purpose of this post, is when you purchase items in #10 size cans or other large containers and re-can them.

I've done it with great success!

Here are a few things that can be re-canned to give you an idea, there are many others:

black olives (follow canning instructions as if you were canning them for the first time.)

tomatoes  (follow canning instructions as if you were canning them for the first time.)

green beans (follow canning instructions as if you were canning them for the first time.)

ketchup (follow canning instructions as if you were canning them for the first time.)

tomato sauce  (follow canning instructions as if you were canning them for the first time.)

mushroom pieces (follow canning instructions as if you were canning them for the first time.)

No the black olives and green beans are not mush, nor are the mushrooms.

Why would you want to re-can?  What are the advantages?

Many times #10 size cans or other large containers of an item are cheaper.

Maybe your garden didn't produce all you needed and using this method to finish stocking your pantry will meet your needs.

If you can't use it all, it's a way to keep it from going to waste.

Here are some posts that talk about re-canning (be sure to read the comments as well):

Canning, -- Well Re-Canning 

Canning and Re-Canning 

Recanning Store Bought Tomato Sauce

Have you done any re-canning from store bought #10 size cans of vegetables or fruits?   

What are your thoughts on re-canning?


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  1. I have done this with #10 cans of jellies successfully! I got the cans on a special sale for $2 for a #10 can so I re-canned them into pint jars so that we wouldn't be eating a single flavor of jelly for months!!!! Lol!!

    1. gardenpat,I hadn't thought about jellies ... glad to know that it works for jellies too!

  2. Patsy I have a large container of Ragu sauce can I recan it?

    gardenpat thanks for letting us know about jelly


  3. Great idea. I've thought of this myself. Never had the option of doing. I don't have a canner and no experience. I do use my freezer though. Thanks for this great informative post!

  4. How do you re-can brush beans? I got a big can and would like to re-can some ,will it work ?

    1. Unknown, I'm sorry, I let your comment slip by me. I'm not familiar with brush beans, do you mean bush beans? Are they a type of green bean?

  5. How about #10 can of applesauce? how long would you process?

    1. Michelle, I would re-can it as if you were canning it fresh and for the first time.

    2. Thank you been looking all over the internet for the answer.

  6. I pressure canned corn. Minimal liquid in it. Can I recan through pressure canner with more liquid?

    1. 5Michael, you can but it might be mush! If the jars properly sealed and you followed safe canning methods, why would you want to re-can it? If the jars properly sealed and I had followed safe canning methods, I would just set them aside to use first.

  7. I bought a 1gallon jug of Kraft Ranch dressing....can I recan into pint jars?

    1. Jeanette, I've never canned any kind of dressing and I personally would not because of the dairy.

  8. I got a 6lb can of sliced jalapeƱos, can I re-can them into pint jars?

  9. My favorite recan? Pizza sauce into 8 oz. jars. Even 4 oz. is the perfect size for a few English muffin pizzas. D from


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