Monday, May 25, 2015

Daybook Entry #3

For Today ... May 25th, 2015

Outside my window ...  it is another beautiful sunny day with just enough breeze blowing to help cope with the warmer temperatures.

I am thinking ... of those whom I know that have given their lives for our country as I pray for their loved ones.

I am thankful ... for my mama and the early birthday card she sent me because she was afraid she would forget!  I totally understand it mama!

I am creating ... a list of sewing projects to work on each Tuesday … the day I’ve set aside each week to sew!  Last week’s sewing day was a huge success and the sense of accomplishment I felt was so rewarding.  I didn’t complete any big projects but had lots of fun working on a couple of smaller ones.

I am going ...  nowhere!  Our vehicle is the shop for repairs.

I am wondering ... how much the repairs will cost!!!!  Yikes, glad I have a well-stocked pantry and don’t have to worry about choosing between buying groceries and the needed vehicle repairs!

I am reading ... about how this lady and this lady creates beautiful gift tags. 

I am seeing … my husband in the kitchen preparing dinner while I rest my knee.  I am a blessed woman!

I am hearing … the dishwasher running … I am so happy to have a dishwasher!

I am hoping ... to find online a free pajama bottom pattern for little boys, size 18 months.  I would just use a pair of his pants that he currently wears to make a pattern from but he lives 12 hours away.  I have some Mickey Mouse fabric just waiting to be turned into cute pajama bottoms for him and I do believe I promised that young man a Mickey Mouse pillow case for his pillow.  I love sewing for my grandbabies!

I am learning ... how to smock.  I took a class many, many years ago when my girls were little and did some smocking but feel like I need a refresher course.  I have a video series that I’ve had for a while that I think will refresh my memory and help me get back to smocking. 

In my garden ... I got our ‘walking onions’ separated and replanted.

In my kitchen …. I need to get those burlap curtains stitched up and hung in place of the missing doors in my lower kitchen cabinets.  (A portion of our kitchen cabinets were recycled from a neighbors barn where they had been sitting for quite a while … he was going to throw them away.)  I painted the cabinets black and the burlap panels will compliment them well.

One of my favorite things ... early morning walks in my yard and garden.  It is such a peaceful time of the day for me.

Around the house … I finally got the winter clothes pulled out of the closet and dresser drawers and put away until they are needed again next winter.

A scene from my day … ripening raspberries!

A Working Pantry

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