Monday, October 5, 2015

Teaching Myself to Crochet: Lesson 1

It's something I've wanted to learn how to do for a really long time.  I can do a single crochet but that is all so, when the ladies on A Working Pantry Facebook group started sharing their crochet creations that they're making for Christmas gifts I knew the time had come to learn. 

I started out on Youtube spending some time going through videos looking for one that was basic and easy to follow.  Finally, after looking at several I found this one and got started.

I picked out a washcloth from the ones we use, chose a package of yarn from my supply and a crochet needle from what I had on hand and got to work.  I watched and crocheted.  If you watch the video you will realize that this edging is just the first step in this particular pattern.  Later in the week I'll do the second part which is actually the design.

I know it has lots of 'issues' but I'm pretty proud of my first attempt at doing something other than making a chain stitch that does nothing!

Do you crochet?  Are you self-taught?


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