Friday, September 29, 2017

Photo Friday ... Fabric Jar

When I cut a pattern from fabric I generally take the time to cut the remaining fabric into quilt size pieces and store them in plastic bins according to size.  That usually leaves me with odd shaped pieces that are too big to throw away but not big enough to cut out one of the sizes I use.  

My solution ...

I'll use these odd shaped pieces for a crazy quilt or for applique!
Waste not, want not ... fabric is expensive!!!

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27
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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

My 100 Day Sewing Challenge #12

I was able to stitch for at least fifteen minutes on 3 different days since I last reported.  That puts me upto 25 days!!! 

Actually I crocheted.  We've had some unexpectedly crazy busy days since my last sewing challenge post and there has just not been any time that I could sit down at the sewing machine, so I picked up a more mobile project and worked on this blanket some more ... 

It's about half the size I want it to be so I still have quite a bit of work to get done before winter weather gets here.  I'm using a crystallite crochet hook with this project as it is easier for me to hold on to; I'm also using Bernat Blanket yarn in a cranberry color for the solid color and a varigated color for the in-between sections.  In the picture it looks lavender, but it is really cranberry.

That's it for me this week!

What have you stitched up this week?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27
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Monday, September 25, 2017

The Ways of My Household ... 9/25/2017

(These are dandelion flowers that I harvested in the spring, now it's time to start digging the roots.)

Hmmm … let’s see … I don’t have a lot to report this week as it has been an unexpectedly busy week, a whirlwind kind of week, if you will, where we went from one crisis situation (family and non-family) to another.  I am happy to report that as of this moment, things have settled down somewhat!

So, let’s see what I actually got done …

I added 3 bottles of Dawn dishwashing detergent to my pantry using coupons. My out-of-pocket cost was $.78.

I gathered the ‘homemade mix’ recipes I wanted to make into one place.  I hope to be able to start putting them together this coming week.

I had several jars of dehydrated foods that needed vacuum sealing, so I did that.

I did a quick ‘straightening-up’ of the non-freezer ‘food’ part of my pantry.  My goal is to do this once a month hoping it will keep it from getting so untidy overall.

I cleaned and organized my refrigerator.  My goal is to do this once a week!

I looked at my pepper plants and thought, "I really  need to harvest them," but it didn't get done!

I looked at my yard and thought, "I really need to do some work in it," but it didn't get done! The upside for that is that the weather is supposed to get cooler and that will definitely make getting the outside things done easier!

I looked at my swing on my front porch and thought, "I really would like to enjoy some time with you and a good book," but that didn't happen either!!!

I looked around and thought, 'how blessed I am to have pepper plants to harvest and a yard that needs attention and a swing to enjoy some leisure time on."  So, while my week didn't go like I thought it would, I am indeed blessed beyond measure!

That’s it for me, like I said it was an unusually busy week ...

What did you do to build up your pantry or live frugally?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Photo Friday: Another Coupon Deal!

I'm not a big coupon shopper because so many of the coupons are for things we don't use anymore. But occassionally I'll come across a good coupon for something that we do use and when I do I try to make it work.  This week I scored a good deal on something we use everyday ...

I got a $.25 off coupon from the kisok at CVS and I used the $2 ECB I earned from last weeks shopping which meant I paid $.72 + taxes for all three bottles. (They were on sale for $.99 each)  Now that's what I'm talking about!

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

My 100 Day Sewing Challenge #11

One day ... that's what I got to sew this week!  This one day brings me up to 22 days out of my 100 day goal!

I sure am moving slow, but hey ... I'm still moving toward my goal!

Here's what I did on my one day of sewing ...

In this post I told you about finding a 100% cotton pink paisley sheet in really good condition while thrift store shopping and that I planned to turn it into sleepwear for me.  Well, I got the pattern out and the laundered sheet out and cut out the pattern.  It is ready to stitch up!

When I thrift store shop one of the things I do is look for garments made out of fabric that I like.  It doesn't matter if it's my size, all that matters is that I like the fabric and that it is in good condition.  The picture below is an example.  These pieces of fabric were a blouse that I found at a thrift store.  I really liked the fabric so I brought it home, gave it a good washing and got it ready to be turned into fabric for the sewing part of my pantry.  This week I began taking the blouse apart and cutting it up into fabric sizes I could use.

The biggest pieces I squared up and turned into larger pieces (shown folded in the picture on the left).  From the rest of it I cut several 5 inch squares, 3 inch squares, one 2.5 inch square, 2 inch strips and one 1 1/2 inch strip.  These pieces have been added to my quilting stash. I had a couple of odd shaped pieces that I couldn't use so I added them to my scrap jar.

That's it for me this week.  I hope to have more to report next week ... at least I'm going to try!

What have you stitched up this week?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

Monday, September 18, 2017

The Ways of My Household 9/18/2017

I have been in homemaking haven this week!  After either traveling or preparing for Hurricane Irma for the last month, I finally got to do some home things!  It feels so good to be back in my home doing what I love … keeping my home.

This week …

I made kefir. I haven’t had a kefir smoothie since around the first of August and I’ve been missing them!

I got the fall decorations out and put them up.

I woke up GG (the sourdough starter that Annabel from Bluebirds are Nesting shared with me).  Prudence (the sourdough starter that I made) is still resting. I want to use GG to see if there is any difference in the bread I make with her and the bread I make with Prudence.

Since we have plenty of eggs right now I made deviled eggs for us to snack on throughout the week.

I had some leftover ham in the refrigerator so I chopped it up and froze it to be used in omelets.

I tried coupon shopping at Dollar General after reading this post by Rhonda over at If You Do Stuff, Stuff Gets Done!   Go here to see what I scored.  I think coupon shopping at Dollar General is going to be a regular thing for a while.

I made an Italian Seasoning blend from spices in my pantry.  The recipe was shared with me by a friend.  Thanks Pama!  (She shared other recipes with me also that I’ll be sharing in the near future.)

Italian Seasoning (Dry Mix) 
1 1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1 T. onion powder
2 T. oregano
1 T. parsley
1 T. sugar
2 T. salt
1 tsp. pepper
1 tsp. basil
1/4 tsp. thyme
1/2 tsp. celery flakes

For Italian Salad Dressing mix 2 T. of this mix with 1/4 c. vinegar, 2 T. water, 1/2 to 2/3 c. olive oil or canola oil.  Shake well.

I re-canned four #10 size cans of mushroom pieces that we got on clearance while traveling. I still have 2 more cans to do. Thus far  I’ve added 9 pints of canned mushrooms and 3 pints of dehydrated mushrooms to my pantry. 

We found 50 lb bags of onions for a really good price (.22/lb) … $10.79/ bag at Sam’s Club this week and purchased 2 bags.  (The produce manager told us they increase in price to twice that much when these were all sold.)  I’ve been dehydrating onions and chopping and freezing onions and having all kinds of onion related meals.  I still have quite a few more to preserve, that’s okay, I was thrilled to find them at this price.

The same friend that gifted us with okra last week gifted us with more this week.  I cut it up and added 4 more bags to the freezer part of my pantry.

While staying with friends during our travels, I was gifted with a barely worn pair of sneakers.  They looked brand new!  Thank you Betty, this is such a savings to our budget!

That’s it for me this week, what did you do to build up your pantry or live frugally?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Photo Friday: Coupon Shopping

I did a little coupon shopping this week ...

after coupons, I paid $10.50 + taxes for all these Gain products at Dollar General plus earned a $5 off $5.01 purchase for my next visit ...

after coupons, I paid $3.75 + tax for this soap at Dollar General ...

after coupons, I paid $2.73 + tax for this toothpaste at CVS plus earned $2 ECB I can use on my next purchase. 

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She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Get A Job!

For the purpose of this article, I’m speaking to wives … some straight talk if you will … some laying it on the line, telling it like it is kind of talk.  

I hear more and more people talking about how hard it is to make ends meet … and I agree with them.  With everything going up except wages, it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to figure it all out.

We all know that women set the tone in their homes, so ladies listen up.  You may be a middle age or older woman who has no marketable skills.  You may be a young mother at home with her children or a woman who is knocking on the door of retirement age.  You may be a woman that is disabled or have a home situation that prohibits you from bringing in any extra income or you may be a woman that prefers being a homemaker at home.   Whatever your situation, there is still something you can do.  Get a job!

Before you write me off as uncaring and unsympathic; here me out.  The job I’m talking about is the job of stretching your husband’s income as far as you can, saving as much as you can in the process.

Change your attitude from ‘my husband doesn’t make enough money’ to that of a frugal zealot and a savings guru.  Make it a challenge to see how far you can stretch your husband’s paycheck and don’t forget to involve the whole family.  Make stretching and saving your husband’s income your job!  If you do and stay the course, you will reap some very pleasant rewards, both financially and in your relationship with your husband.  

Below, I’m sharing some things that can help if you chose to take on the job of saving and stretching your husband’s income. The first few are about our attitudes …

Realize you cannot have everything you want when you want it.  That’s just being an adult.

Don’t depend on others to take care of you.  Occasional help from others is fine, but when we start to EXPECT others to meet our needs long term, something is wrong with our attitude.  (‘Expect’ here is the key word.)

Don’t spend money you don’t have. When you spend money on things you can’t afford using money you should have paid bills with don’t expect others to clean up your mistakes.  The ‘I deserve this’ mentality is not adult!  The ‘entitlement’ mentality is not adult!

Don’t play the victim card.  We are all victims of our choices and circumstances.  What we do with them and how we choose to react says a lot about who we are.

Doing without is not a sin!  It won’t hurt you or your children or your spouse.

Know and accept that this will be hard and not fun at times!  It’s called sacrifice!

Realize that your attitude will set the tone in your home about your new job.

Please understand that it is not my intention for this to sound harsh, but in today’s society, these are attitudes and mindsets I see on a regular basis.  (I overheard a conversation in a public place just a few days ago that smirked of an attitude of ungrateful “entitlement.”  That's what prompted me to write this article.) News Flash … The Calvary is not coming; there comes a time when you have to be your own Calvary!  Don’t waste your life expecting someone else to fix your problems.  Get busy and figure it out!

Now, let’s talk about some practical ways to implement your new job should you choose to take it on …

Stay away from online shopping as much as possible.  It is the worse place possible for impulse buying.  Think of it as something temporary if it helps, make a game out of it, but stay away from online shopping.

Learn how to coupon shop and how to shop loss leaders.  Don’t buy stuff you wouldn’t normally buy just because you have a coupon.   That’s throwing away money you wouldn’t have spent in the first place.

Slowly build a well – stocked pantry so that you will have the option of shopping when you want to and not when you have to.   See this post for some ideas on how to get started building a well-stocked pantry.  

Plan your menu and stick to it as much as possible.

Become a DIY person.  If you don’t know how to do something … learn.  There are tutorials for learning how to do just about anything online.

Know how to substitute and make do.  If you don’t have something, let your first thought be, ‘what can I use instead and get the same results’ not ‘I need to go purchase’ whatever it is that you don’t have.

Recycle and Repurpose.  One example is outgrown clothing and hand-me-downs.  They can be turned into new clothing or household items.   Don’t know how?  Search online for what you want to do.

Stay home as much as possible.   This will cut down on fuel costs as well as wear and tear on your vehicle.

Plan your free entertainment.  Entertainment doesn’t have to cost lots of money … just saying!

Cook from scratch.  Purchasing prepackaged foods, heat and eat foods as well as ready-to-eat snacks are much more expensive then cooking from scratch.

Use cash when you go shopping.

Never, ever go shopping without a list. 

Explore ways to bring in a little extra income from home.  Doing Swagbucks will generate you some discretionary income.  I know of someone who has a goal of earning $100/month through Swagbucks and is using it to help pay off debt.  Can you sew?  Do you blog? What can you do that can be turned into an income source?  

Make a budget and stick to it as much as possible.  Include in that budget if at all possible savings and a personal allowance for you and your husband.  You may need to start out with as little as $5/month for savings and $5/month each for personal allowances.  You will be amazed at how you will come to look at your own ‘I can spend it on whatever I want to without guilt’ allowance.

If you feel like your spending is out of control, have a ‘no-spend’ month where you only pay the bills and buy groceries, fuel … the necessities.

Make sure necessities are really necessities and not wants dressed up in camouflage fueled by desire.

Reserve eating out for special occasions.  Two or three times a week is not a special occasion.

When it’s Christmas or your birthday, ask for gift cards to places you would like to shop.

Get creative with your own gift giving.  Set limits on how much you will spend on each person and stick to that amount.  Whittle that gift giving list down to the bare minimum until things are better financially. Gift giving shouldn’t be about how big or how expensive the gift is.   When you are going through lean times, it shouldn’t be about how badly you want an item either if the cost is more than you can afford.

Accept things others don’t want when offered.  What can you do with it? How can you repurpose it into something useful for you? 

Shop yard sales and thrift stores.  Always take cash but don’t buy stuff you’ll be asking yourself, ‘why did I buy that’ the next day.

Don’t be wasteful!  Learn how to use up the last little bit of everything, especially food.

When friends want to meet for an outing you can’t afford, offer an alternative that you can afford or decline their offer.

Work towards getting out of debt and staying out of debt.  Debt is more than likely a contributing factor to your current financial strain.

Stop using your credit cards even if you plan to/think you can pay them off at the end of each month.   When finances are tight, sticking to the plan to pay it off at the end of the month doesn’t always happen.   You cannot borrow your way out of debt!

Be willing to settle for used items until you can pay cash for new items.

Put God first, tithe … even if it is only some change or $1 each week.  God knows your circumstances and what you can really give.  He doesn’t demand tithing; He wants our tithing to be given with a cheerful and purposeful heart.    

Don’t blame God for your financial situation.  He knows what put you where you are and if it was choices that you made, realize that He didn’t make you make the choices that landed you in this situation.

Ask God for wisdom, guidance and discernment in your quest to live happily and graciously on your husband’s income.

Don’t blame others for your financial situation.  Own it and move forward.

Don’t dwell on past financial mistakes, yours or your husbands.  Own it and move forward.

Determine to do better in the future starting now.  You can’t change the past; you can only change your future.

Don’t be prideful.  Accepting help from others on a temporary basis is not sinful nor does it make you less of a person. 

Don’t poor mouth your husband or make him feel less of a man because he isn’t earning what you want him to earn.  This attitude will severely damage your marriage.

Don't walk around with a 'poor me' attitude.  

Don’t set yourself up for failure by expecting perfection in your efforts.  You will make mistakes, give yourself some grace. 

Be thankful for what you do have!  Develop an attitude of gratitude!

What can you add to this list?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My 100 Day Sewing Challenge # 10

Now that the threat of Hurricane Irma has passed (we are so thankful that we only got rain and wind) and I no longer have to think about preparing for her, I can return to my sewing challenge.

Thus far I have completed 21 of the 100 days I set as my goal.  This week I can add to more days to that bringing me to a total of 23 days.  

One of the days was while we were at a friends house while traveling.  She had been given lots of full and partial skeins of yarn along with some uncompleted projects. She asked if I wanted any of it and my answer was yes.  So, we sat and talked and wound yarn into balls. We unraveled uncompleted projects and wound that yarn into balls too.  We made an entire evening of it even getting my husband in on it.  We had such fun, laughing, helping each other untangle yarn and transforming something unusable into something usable.  Who knew that something as simple as winding yarn could be such an enjoyable task!  (These were the same dear friends who helped us break all those green beans ... yes, we are blessed beyond measure to be able to call these dear ladies friends.)  What will I do with the yarn?  I will use it on an afghan I have started that is specfically meant to use up scraps of yarn. (This whole basket is not full, below the yarn balls are small children's toys that we keep on hand when the little ones are visiting.)

The other thing I stitched up, and I did do this last week, was this table runner made out of burlap.  I had some burlap leftover from another project so I dug it out, cut it to the desired size and stitched around it to keep it from raveling out.  It took very little time to complete and now I have a much wanted 'fall' table runner for our antique meat box.  

I'm in the process of pulling together a fall arrangement to go on this meat box that will incorporate that big jar I found at the thrift store while traveling.

That's it for me this week, what about you, what did you get stitched up this week?

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She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Ways of My Household ... 9/11/2017

This week has been all about settling back in from our traveling and preparing for a possible hit from Hurricane Irma.    It has been a hectic and busy week.

It looks like the worst of Hurricane Irma is going to track west of us leaving us with rain,  wind and some possible tornadic weather.  As you’re reading this we will be experiencing whatever Irma throws at us starting Monday into Tuesday.  Thank you to all who have showed their concern and kept us in your prayers.  I will be so glad when this is all over!   Our prayers go out for those who have been affected by Irma.

So, what did my week look like …

We brought home the green beans mentioned in last week’s post in 2 gallon size ziplock type bags in a cooler.  After I finished canning the beans I washed the bags, hung them in the shower to drip dry and then folded them up and stored them away until I have another use for them.  Waste not, want not … those things are expensive!

I tried something that was totally new to me this week.   I purchased it at a non-electric produce store in a Mennonite community last week.  What is it?   Pickled corn!  I had never heard of it, it was pretty and I like corn so I decided to buy a jar and give it a try.  At first, I didn’t care for it.  My husband didn’t care for it at all!  I tried eating it with a pork roast we were having for dinner one night … hmmm, not to bad … it was growing on me.  The final outcome was that I think I like it!  Have you ever tried pickled corn?

The same Mennonite store had pickled brussel sprouts on clearance so we bought a couple of jars.  Once we got home I opened a jar and tried them … they were delicious!   Have you ever eaten pickled brussel sprouts?

A friend gave us a plastic grocery bag of okra.  I cut up enough to freeze 4 quart bags and we had enough small pods for boiling for a couple of meals.   The cut up frozen okra will be used for soups and stews this winter.

I haven’t had a lot of time to focus on anything except preparing for Hurricane Irma so my accomplishments are small this week.  That’s okay … something is better than nothing!

That’s it for me this week, what did you do to build up your pantry or live frugally?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27
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Monday, September 4, 2017

The Ways of My Household 9/3/2017

Update 9/5/2017 ... we are preparing for the possiblity of Hurricane Irma coming to our area. Because of this I will suspend any further blogging until we know what impact, if any, we will get from this hurricane.  If you are of a mind, please pray  for the safety of all in the path of this massive storm. Thank you, I hope to be able to be back to blogging in a few days.

After traveling and being on the road for a good part of the month of August, now that I’m home, I’m trying to get my homemaking up and going again.

I need to revive Prudence and GG … my sourdough starters!

I need to assess what our grocery needs are now that we’re home and go grocery shopping.

I need to harvest peppers and mow the yard … the list just goes on and on … you know how it is when you’ve been away from home for awhile!

While we were away though, my pantry mindedness didn't go on break , it was still going strong  … remember my pantry is more than just food!  Here’s what I added to it …

From thrift stores, I found …

this HUGE jar.  I have always wanted one of these but they have been cost prohibitive.  Guess what I paid for this brand new never even opened HUGE jar that I’ve always wanted …. $4.99!  Yes ma’am … $4.99, not the $30+ that they are in retail stores.  SCORE!

this colander … look how deep it is!  I was pleased as punch to find this for $1.99!

this vintage sheet … pink is one of my favorite colors and I knew when I came across this jewel that it just had to come home with me.  There is enough good fabric in it to make sleepwear for myself so that is what I will use it for.  The best thing though was the price … it is twin size and 100% cotton (it even had button closures at one end), the tag said $5.99 but the tag color meant it was half off so, I got it for $2.98!  And yes, I cut those buttons off and added them to my button jar after washing and taking the sheet apart.  Another SCORE! 

(I have several more thrift store finds to share but this post would be too long so I’ll just keep sharing a few along throughout the days ahead.)

Do you know what a bean breaking party is?  It’s when several people gather to break/snap beans.  We had one while we were on our trip.  We were staying at a dear friend’s house and had made a trip to my favorite menneonite settlement earlier in the day where we purchased 2 bushels of Roma green beans.  (We were scheduled to drive home the next day and the plan was that I would snap/break the beans while riding down the road.)  That afternoon and after supper that night though, we all gathered around and broke/snapped every one of those beans.  We laughed, acted silly and had such fun!   We are so very blessed to have the kind of friends who make you feel like their home is your home and will help you break 2 bushels of beans at a moment’s notice.  Thank you Ms. B and Ms. J. … we love you dearly!

(We also had a yarn winding party one night at their house but that’s another story for another time later in the week!)

We brought those 2 bushels of snapped/broke beans home and I started canning beans … I canned and canned and canned. As soon as one canner full came off I had another ready to go in ... 66 quarts in all!  That will be enough green beans to last us a couple of years!

I restocked my spices from the same Mennonite settlement where we got the green beans.  They have the best little non-electric store to shop at and I love getting to go there!  Now, I’m all set to start making some spice mixes!

Remember this sewing projectThose pillows were for 2 of my grandchildren. When we arrived at their house and gave them to them they acted like they really liked them.  Later that evening when it was time to tuck them into bed, my daughter-in-law called me into their bedroom.  My little grandson (the new owner of the spider man pillow) had thrown his regular pillow off his bed, put the spider man pillow in its place and was in bed all snuggled up with his little head on it.  His mama said he had done it all by himself!   You know this grandmommie's heart just soared!!!

While visiting our grandchildren, their mommie gave me several magazines that she had read.  They were all ones I will enjoy reading and am thankful that she thought to save them for me.  She and I had quite a good time talking about and sharing our frugal ways … she is turning into quite the frugalist!  I am so proud of her!

I'm sure you're all aware of the Mrs Meyers soap and cleaning products.  They are a bit more than my budget can afford but I've always been curious to know if they were as good as a lot of people say they are.  While visiting my youngest daughter on this trip, she gave me a bottle of Mrs Meyer's lavender hand foaming soap ... the scent didn't work for her.  She is quite the frugalist as well and has my same waste not, want not, get the best for less mentality, hence, the reason she gave the foaming soap to me instead of disposing of it. 

This mama's heart just does a flippty flop of joy when I see my children being careful stewards of what they've been blessed with ... and especially when they share the results of their efforts with me!

One more thing ...

While on this trip, I became ill with fever, chills, etc.  We were at my mama's house and I had laid down on her couch.  I mentioned that I was freezing and she went and got me a fleece jacket which I promptly put on.  I was still chilling so mama went and got me a blanket and asked if I was still cold.  I told her that I was so she went and got a big heavy blanket, spred it out over me and tucked it in all around ... time stood still for me ... I was transported back to when I was a little girl and would get sick. My mama would put me to bed and tuck me in.  Here I was many years later, a whole lot older, and my mama (who celebrated her 80th birthday yesterday) was tucking me in again.  I reveled and reveled and reveled in this most comforting act as I hid the lump in my throat and the tear that slid down my face.  It is a memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

That’s it for me this week, what did you do to build up your pantry or live frugally?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27
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