Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hurricane Preparedness ... Please Read and Share!

The devestation from Hurricane Harvey has been horrific to say the least and now Hurricane Irma is brewing in the Atlantic. Everyone along the eastern and southern coasts of the U.S. are holding their breath waiting to see which direction it will go, as of right now, no one knows.

Last fall the area where we live was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew and afterwards I wrote several articles and posts on preparing for a hurricane.  I even taught several online disaster preparedness classes as a result of what we experienced, all with the intention and purpose of helping others be better prepared for just such a scenario that many have faced this last week and will face in the upcoming week.

I've listed the links below to the most informative of the posts on how to prepare.  Like I said, at this point  no one knows where Hurricane Irma is going to go ... but take it from someone who has experienced a hurricane firsthand, you need to read this information if you live anywhere close to where one is supposed to hit.  One more thing ... the area where we live was not supposed to have gotten a direct hit, but it did ... you just can not accurately predict where these things will go, so plan accordingly.

Why Prepare?

And here is the link to all the disaster preparedness articles as well as the disaster preparedness class.

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