Tuesday, February 10, 2015

This is Why! ... part 5

part 5 

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Thus far we’ve talked about how I use leftovers to help stock my pantry and how I shop to fill my pantry.  In this issue we’re heading outside and looking at the ways I build up my pantry using the great outdoors.

38.  We grow a vegetable garden.  We grow most all of our vegetables and then preserve them for use all year long.

39.  I grow culinary herbs.

40.  I grow medicinal herbs.   This year I’m hoping to expand this area of our gardening as I learn more and more about herbs. 

41.  We grow our own fruit in our small orchard. 

42.  We grow strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries apart and separate from our little orchard.

43.  We raise chickens which gives us eggs and meat … and fertilizer for the garden after it has aged.

44.  We forage for nuts, berries, etc.

 45.  I constantly work towards growing and producing as much of our food as possible.

46.  My husband goes fishing.  My husband loves to fish and we use his catch to add to our pantry.  Currently we have catfish nuggets and crappie in our freezer that he has caught.

47.  My husband hunts occasionally and brings home his bounty to be preserved.

48. We glean from fields in the area where we live … after being given permission by the land owners to do so, of course.  Sweet potatoes and peanuts are the two items we glean most frequently each year.

49.  We grow things inside our greenhouse.

50.  We have raised our own beef in the past and will do so again in the future.   

Okay, I’ve shared with you how I use the great outdoors to help fill my pantry, how about you?  How do you utilize the ‘outdoors’  to help you fill your pantry?

Your comments are what will make this series more helpful so please share your wisdom.

To see how I incorporate all these ways in my daily life, join me at A Working Pantry.

A Working Pantry

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