Monday, June 22, 2015

Daybook: June 22nd, 2015


For Today ... June 22nd, 2015

Outside my window ... it is hot, pure and simple! 

I am thinking ... that building a front porch onto our house was a smart move.  Not only does it serve as a shaded place of rest but it helps keep the house cooler by blocking the sun from shinning directly into the windows. 

I am thankful ... that my son and daughter-in-law called to ask how I preserve large amounts of bacon.  It makes me happy to be able to pass on my pantry building knowledge to my loved ones … and it makes me even happier that they ask! 

I am stitching ... a pair of Mickey Mouse pajama bottoms for my grandson. 

I am going ...  we took the twins to Burger King to play in the inside air conditioned playground and then have a French Fry snack … (they don’t like ice cream!). 

I am wondering ... if the extreme heat we’re experiencing will destroy my garden. 

I am reading ... a new recipe I want to try Friday … my next baking day.
I am seeing … the beautiful handwork that Annabel Smith over at The Blue Birds Are Nesting did in this post and wishing I could do the same.

I am hearing … the gong of our cast iron dinner bell as the twins take turns pulling the cord making it ring.  They asked every time they come to visit if they can ring ‘that bell!’

I am hoping ... to make yellow squash pickles this week. I got the recipe from a reader … it sounds delicious!

I am learning ... that I need to make time for me in the midst of this busy summer season.

In my garden ... the cucumbers we planted a couple of weeks ago are up and growing.

In my kitchen …. I made more bread … the loaf I made on Friday, and was sure would last us all week, is gone!

One of my favorite things ... a quiet, restful evening at home with my husband after a busy day.

Around the house … there is a sink full of squash waiting to be preserved.

A scene from my day … my basil planted in an old dishpan.



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