Monday, October 10, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

We have been hit hard by Hurricane Matthew.  Just got power restored this afternoon.  Still do not have phone or Internet service.  It looks like a war zone in our area.  Trees down in roads, on houses, power poles broken, electrical wires down everywhere, flooding, water in houses, water covering roads, roads giving away, many roads blocked and impassable.  Major power outages everywhere.  Business' and homes destroyed by flood waters, people still being rescued, whole towns flooded to the point where you can drive a boat down Main Street  ... So much destruction.

Grocery store shelves are emptying either because of prolonged power outages which resulted in food spoilage or not being able to restock.  There are long, long gas lines when you can find a place that has it and the ability to pump it.  Interstate closed in several places both ways.  It is difficult for anything to get into our area or out of it.

We are exhausted but safe and well.  Our property did not sustain any major damage.

I will return to blogging when we get internet service restored.  I am keeping a daily journal about this event and I look forward to sharing it with you when I am able to return to blogging.

There are so many urgent needs, we are doing what we can to help others.  If you are of a mind please pray.

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