Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Building A One Month Preparedness Pantry ... part 4

Welcome back to our one month preparedness series after our holiday break!  Are you ready to get back at it again?

You will remember that the reason I started this series was because we are in the area that was hit the hardest by Hurricane Matthew when he made landfall on October 7th, 8th and 9th of last year.  While we had very little damage personally others around us were not so fortuante.

My husband and I along with others spent the better part of the rest of 2016 helping those who had been affected by the hurricane. The devestation was unbelievable!  As a result I decided to write this series with the hopes that it would help others be more prepared for natural disasters, thus Building A One Month Preparedness Pantry was born.

You can read previous posts HERE along with a more indepth explanation of why I'm doing this series HERE.

In this post we're going to talk about non-electric ways to cook food when the power goes out.

We saw lots and lots of people who were existing on snack crackers, chips, potted meat, etc because they had no means to cook. We also were told by many that they had lost the foods in their refrigerators and freezers because they had no way to cook it before it spoiled.  Many were without power for several days and some for several weeks.

So, let's talk about some non-electric ways to cook food.   There's the ...

gas grill ... There are all shapes and sizes to choose from, from table top size to the huge stand alone kind ... and of course you would need propane gas to fuel it.

charcoal grill ... charcoal would be needed and here again they come in all shapes and sizes.

gas camp stove burner ... don't forget the propane gas

solar oven ... the right time of the year this would work

rocket stove ...this would do in a pinch

wood stove (you can get portable wood stoves) ... you would need wood and of course it would heat up the area around it, that's something that would need to be taken into consideration especially if you lost power in the summer.

fire pit (gas or wood) ... depending on the weather this would be an option for outside.  This would work for roasting hot dogs and such.

gas stove ... you would need to make sure that you had gas on hand to run it. These come in all sizes and shapes from appliance size to portable sizes suitable for camping.

propane cooker ... this would need to be used outside.

When considering options for cooking without electricity it would be wise to have as many back-ups as possible.

So many people we came into contact with were simply victims of not being prepared.

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