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Preparedness: Vicky's Wisdom on Dealing with Flooding

Before we get started on today's post I want to thank Ashlee T. for her generous donation and for the sweet words of encouragment.  Ashlee paid me, as a teacher, the highest compliment in her note.  Thank you Ashlee for the donation and the encouragment. Your note will be printed off and added to my 'encouragment file' for those times when I feel like the things I do don't really matter.

You've heard me refer to Vicky of the Vicky Challenge several times, she has lots of wisdom and good common sense.  I love sitting at her feet and learning from her.  She wrote the following for our disaster preparedness class and graciously agreed to let me share it here as well.

Today I would like to share an idea that anyone living in flood prone areas may find helpful. Planning ahead is such a key part of preparedness. In any situation we want to be able to help ourselves as much as we can and sometimes it begins with just something simple. Maybe it is a BOB or pantry full of food. However there may be times when a real disaster occurs and you will be forced to leave your home and security. So what will you do?

One of the biggest things I have seen is people leaving and taking nothing with them, not even a token of food or something that could make them comfortable. Well for some I know the attitude is that they will be taken care of, but for many I think the situation is scary and they just aren't able to think. So let's not let that be us!

Have you ever seen in a flooded area people walking through high water holding things above their head? I remember specifically seeing a man holding a loaf of bread over his head during one flood. And that got me to thinking?

So if I have to wade through high water and not exactly know where I may end up as far as shelter and provisions I want to be able to get out with more than a loaf of bread. Or even if I am stuck at home I will need things to keep me going for at least a few days. So here is what I have come up with for that situation.

A good plastic container to put supplies in
Duct tape to tape the container shut and keep water from seeping in
Some sort of rope to pull it through water
Pool noodles these babies will help make the container float and they are cheap to buy

After you put your supplies in the container duct tape it shut really well so no water can creep in and cut the pool noodles to fit, the more you can put on the better it will float.

You can use rope through the hole in the pool noodle to tie them on or if you can find a waterproof adhesive you can glue them on.

And attach the rope at a length you are comfortable with you can pull it along while wading through water.

What will I have in it?
That will depend on what you think you will need the most, but try to think lightweight items. A vacuum sealer can help keep a lot of the items stay dry as well if your container does happen to get moisture inside. And you don't want it too heavy because you will probably have to carry it at some point, but basic things that can get you through for a few days or so can be a big comfort and to be able to do something for one's self can ease some of the feeling of helplessness.

Some of the items to think about including in your own flood pack:
tarp and light weight rope - you could make a temporary shelter or use the tarp for other things like to sit on
a change of clothes
small blankets
lightweight food items
an empty jug for water or a few bottles of water
can opener
light source
small cooking pot
utensils and paper products

Basically anything you would put in a bug out bag, but if you don't have everything in your bug out bag waterproofed you risk losing a lot of it to water damage since must people use a simple back pack. You could even just do bug out bags and put them in a container like this and when you are sure you are in the all clear of having to deal with any deep water you can leave the container and strap on your BOB .

It may sound silly pulling a container, but help doesn't always arrive the exact moment we need it and it is better to have something to work with, something is better than nothing. So maybe your flood pack might just be a change of clothes and some food or maybe it will be packed with full out survival supplies either way if you have it made and the basics in it or your BOBs you can duct tape it shut pretty quick and be able to have some things on hand that will be much appreciated in this kind of situation.


Don't you agree that this is some helpful information?  Having come through Hurricane Matthew last fall, I can tell you I saw alot of people who would have liked to have had this information! Thank you Vicky!

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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