Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Ways of My Household ... 7/17/2017

We went ‘afar’ and did our grocery shopping last week and boy, did it pay off.  Look at the cart of marked down produce we got…

(I prayed before this shopping trip, on the way to this shopping trip and as I entered the store ... God did indeed answer my prayers!)

We were especially excited to find this marked down produce as our fruit trees ... all of them ... bloomed out during our unusually warm February and then got damaged in our unusually cold March.  There won't be any fruit harvested from our small orchard this year so finding the produce was a blessing!

Here's what we did with all this produce ...

Peaches ... I  peeled the peaches, run the meat of the peaches through my nutribullet, poured the mixture into ice cube trays and made peach cubes for using in smoothies.

I also used some of the peach meat to make peach bark.   I spread the mixture out on lined dehydrator racks and dehydrated it to the point that it would break apart. I vaccum sealed it into pint jars. I'll use it in smoothies as well.   

I then took the peelings, dumped them into a crockpot, added some water and simmered them for a few hours to make peach juice.  I froze the peach juice in ice cube trays.  I'll add them to tea to make peach tea.  

Apples ... I peeled the apples and sliced them into approximately 1/4 inch slices and dehydrated them. 

I also chopped up several and dehydrated them that way. 

The slices will be used in cooking and the chopped ones will be used in granola.

I again took the peelings and started 4 more quarts of vinegar and added the rest to a pot along with water to make apple juice.

Peppers ... 
We made stuffed peppers (21 in all) and froze them for future meals. We did have stuffed peppers for a meal last  week.  

For the stuffed peppers I cut the top off straight across.  Did I throw that part away?  No ma'am, I chopped them up and dehydrated them.  I'll use them in soups, casseroles, omelets, etc.  (Sorry, I don't have a picture of the stuffed peppers. They are vacuum sealed and in the freezer and I didn't get a picture before putting them there.)

The tomatoes, avocadoes, mango, pawpaw and papayah were eaten throughout the week.

Not shown in the picture but purchased at the same time were 3 bundles of marked down bananas.  I sliced them into 1/4 inch slices and dehydrated them.  Boy oh boy are they good!

There were also 5 clemetines in the basket and after eating them, I used the peel to make a pint of citrus vinegar. I'll use it in cleaning recipes!

We paid $35 for all the produce and it's value was well over $100!   Score!!!!

One more thing before we move on, I used everything except the peach seeds (There is some debate on them being poison so I didn't add them ... better safe than sorry!) and the rotten spots.  I even plan to use the produce nylon bags to make pot scrubbers!  Waste not, want not!

In addition ….

I downloaded this book for free:  Amish by Accident.   

Gratefully received a gift of bay leaves. (Thank you again Annabel!)

I dehydrated garlic (chopped), the last 3 squash from the garden (I chopped them as well) and some hot banana peppers and yes I chopped them too!

I downloaded this free 18” doll circular skirtpattern/tutorial.   

It was an extremely busy week because marked-down produce won't wait, but that's okay, the end products were well worth the hustle it took to get it all done!

What did you do to add to your pantry or live frugally?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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