Friday, March 13, 2015

Our Sam's Club Shopping Trip: You're Not Going to Believe It!

My husband and I went to Sam's Club this morning to pick up a few items and when we got there we discovered that they were resetting their frozen food section.   They had several items on clearance for $.51/each and people were filling up baskets and flatbeds at a rapid pace.

Being the frugal bargain hunting people that we are, we did the same thing!

Look at what we got ...

Everything was on clearance for $.51 each except the gallon jars of pepper slices on the left side of the picture.
Here's what we got, the regular before clearance price, the number of each we purchased and the total before clearance price that we did not pay.
Dark Sweet Cherries … Regular price: $9.38 (4) … $37.52
Hashbrowns … Regular price:  $4.98  (8) … $39.84
Triple Berry Blend … Regular price:  $9.68  (11) … $106.48
Supreme Stir Fry … Regular price : $7.68  (14) … $107.52
Breaded Okra … Regular price:  $6.98  (1) … $6.98
Stir Fry Vegetables … Regular price:  $7.68 (2) …$15.36
Flat bread Breakfast Sandwiches  …. Regular Price: $9.98 (3) …$29.94
Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches … Regular Price:  $9.98  (11) … $109.78
Popcorn Shrimp … Regular Price:  $8.68 (7)… $60.76
Pizza… Regular Price:  $11.98 (8) … $95.84
Shrimp … Regular Price: $14.98 (12) … $179.76
Organic Chicken Burritos … Regular Price:  $9 (2)  … $18
Chicken Piccata … Regular Price: $12.48  (10) …$124.80

If you subtract the prices of the 2 jars of peppers that were not on clearance, the total comes to ... $46.56.  Want to know what the regular price of all the items minus the peppers were ...$932.58!

We filled up both of our freezers and stored some in a neighbor's freezer.   We shared some with others and this week we'll be cooking and preparing some of it to take to a family who is going through a difficult time.

Our pantry got a really good boost this week!

We feel so blessed!  God is so good!

A Working Pantry

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