Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sewing Day Accomplishments: July 14th, 2015

I did a lot of piecing today and consequently didn't get my project finished ...

What is my finished project going to be?

Envelope style/quilted throw pillow covers from scraps!!!

This is going to be the front of one (I'm making 2), I pieced together the top and then I had to piece together the batting (because I had several smaller pieces of batting that needed using) and then I cut the backing from fabric I had on hand and then I machine quilted it. (I told you there was a whole lot of piecing going on!)

This is going to be the back for one of the pillows.  It's ready to be machine quilted.  You'll notice that it is larger than the front and that's because of the 'envelope style' opening that's going to be in the back.  This envelope style opening will allow me to take the pillow covering off and wash it when needed.  Making envelope style pillow coverings also allows you to change out the coverings for the different seasons and holidays!

I can't wait for next Tuesday when I can get back to work on this project!


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