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The Ways of My Household 9/3/2017

Update 9/5/2017 ... we are preparing for the possiblity of Hurricane Irma coming to our area. Because of this I will suspend any further blogging until we know what impact, if any, we will get from this hurricane.  If you are of a mind, please pray  for the safety of all in the path of this massive storm. Thank you, I hope to be able to be back to blogging in a few days.

After traveling and being on the road for a good part of the month of August, now that I’m home, I’m trying to get my homemaking up and going again.

I need to revive Prudence and GG … my sourdough starters!

I need to assess what our grocery needs are now that we’re home and go grocery shopping.

I need to harvest peppers and mow the yard … the list just goes on and on … you know how it is when you’ve been away from home for awhile!

While we were away though, my pantry mindedness didn't go on break , it was still going strong  … remember my pantry is more than just food!  Here’s what I added to it …

From thrift stores, I found …

this HUGE jar.  I have always wanted one of these but they have been cost prohibitive.  Guess what I paid for this brand new never even opened HUGE jar that I’ve always wanted …. $4.99!  Yes ma’am … $4.99, not the $30+ that they are in retail stores.  SCORE!

this colander … look how deep it is!  I was pleased as punch to find this for $1.99!

this vintage sheet … pink is one of my favorite colors and I knew when I came across this jewel that it just had to come home with me.  There is enough good fabric in it to make sleepwear for myself so that is what I will use it for.  The best thing though was the price … it is twin size and 100% cotton (it even had button closures at one end), the tag said $5.99 but the tag color meant it was half off so, I got it for $2.98!  And yes, I cut those buttons off and added them to my button jar after washing and taking the sheet apart.  Another SCORE! 

(I have several more thrift store finds to share but this post would be too long so I’ll just keep sharing a few along throughout the days ahead.)

Do you know what a bean breaking party is?  It’s when several people gather to break/snap beans.  We had one while we were on our trip.  We were staying at a dear friend’s house and had made a trip to my favorite menneonite settlement earlier in the day where we purchased 2 bushels of Roma green beans.  (We were scheduled to drive home the next day and the plan was that I would snap/break the beans while riding down the road.)  That afternoon and after supper that night though, we all gathered around and broke/snapped every one of those beans.  We laughed, acted silly and had such fun!   We are so very blessed to have the kind of friends who make you feel like their home is your home and will help you break 2 bushels of beans at a moment’s notice.  Thank you Ms. B and Ms. J. … we love you dearly!

(We also had a yarn winding party one night at their house but that’s another story for another time later in the week!)

We brought those 2 bushels of snapped/broke beans home and I started canning beans … I canned and canned and canned. As soon as one canner full came off I had another ready to go in ... 66 quarts in all!  That will be enough green beans to last us a couple of years!

I restocked my spices from the same Mennonite settlement where we got the green beans.  They have the best little non-electric store to shop at and I love getting to go there!  Now, I’m all set to start making some spice mixes!

Remember this sewing projectThose pillows were for 2 of my grandchildren. When we arrived at their house and gave them to them they acted like they really liked them.  Later that evening when it was time to tuck them into bed, my daughter-in-law called me into their bedroom.  My little grandson (the new owner of the spider man pillow) had thrown his regular pillow off his bed, put the spider man pillow in its place and was in bed all snuggled up with his little head on it.  His mama said he had done it all by himself!   You know this grandmommie's heart just soared!!!

While visiting our grandchildren, their mommie gave me several magazines that she had read.  They were all ones I will enjoy reading and am thankful that she thought to save them for me.  She and I had quite a good time talking about and sharing our frugal ways … she is turning into quite the frugalist!  I am so proud of her!

I'm sure you're all aware of the Mrs Meyers soap and cleaning products.  They are a bit more than my budget can afford but I've always been curious to know if they were as good as a lot of people say they are.  While visiting my youngest daughter on this trip, she gave me a bottle of Mrs Meyer's lavender hand foaming soap ... the scent didn't work for her.  She is quite the frugalist as well and has my same waste not, want not, get the best for less mentality, hence, the reason she gave the foaming soap to me instead of disposing of it. 

This mama's heart just does a flippty flop of joy when I see my children being careful stewards of what they've been blessed with ... and especially when they share the results of their efforts with me!

One more thing ...

While on this trip, I became ill with fever, chills, etc.  We were at my mama's house and I had laid down on her couch.  I mentioned that I was freezing and she went and got me a fleece jacket which I promptly put on.  I was still chilling so mama went and got me a blanket and asked if I was still cold.  I told her that I was so she went and got a big heavy blanket, spred it out over me and tucked it in all around ... time stood still for me ... I was transported back to when I was a little girl and would get sick. My mama would put me to bed and tuck me in.  Here I was many years later, a whole lot older, and my mama (who celebrated her 80th birthday yesterday) was tucking me in again.  I reveled and reveled and reveled in this most comforting act as I hid the lump in my throat and the tear that slid down my face.  It is a memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

That’s it for me this week, what did you do to build up your pantry or live frugally?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27
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