Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pantry Challenge #2 ...2015

I finally got all the Christmas decorations back in storage this week.  Taking them down and putting them away is not near as much fun as getting them out and putting them up! 

So … besides getting the Christmas decorations back in storage, did I get anything else done this week?   Let’s see …

My to-do list from last time:  
Can collards from our garden.  Didn’t get done!
Continue canning pinto beans.  Didn’t get done!
Continue canning potatoes.  Done!  I finished all the potatoes we purchased on sale week before last and added another 21 quarts to our pantry.  All together we got 74 quarts plus a meal from those 100 lbs of potatoes.
Freeze shredded cheese we purchased in bulk.   Done!  I added 6 quarts to the freezer part of my pantry plus left one quart in the refrigerator for immediate use.

In addition:
I started  another jar of cider fire this week … not because I needed it but because I still had horseradish left from the last time I made cider fire as well as fresh ginger from my garden.  The other ingredients I had in my pantry so it was just a matter of chopping and mixing it all up.  We can never have too much cider fire at our house!
Since any grocery money we have to spend has to be earned separate and apart from our regular income, I’ve been exploring more options for earning money online and have created a weekly to-do list … I won’t get rich, but every little bit will help …
Swagbucks … I’ve almost earned enough points for another $5 gift card!

Pinecone Survey’s … I changed my settings to ‘unlimited’ so maybe I’ll start to get more surveys.  I got to do one this week!
That’s my weekly to-do list for earning money online.  Separate and apart from my weekly to-do list I signed up for a few affiliate programs.  Purchasing from the links won’t add to the purchase price of the item but I will earn a small percentage.
I want to check out ‘Inbox’ but haven’t yet.  Does anyone have any experience working with Inbox?
I’ve also been busy writing a new e-book that will launch soon.  Stay tuned for the details. 

 We were at Sam’s club one day and saw that they still had their 29 oz cans of Libby’s pure pumpkin on clearance for 3 cans/$1.91.  We purchased 3 more cans and then found these boxes of Stovetop stuffing on clearance for $.61/6 pouch box … yes, you read that right.  We had $5 that we could spend so we purchased these 4 boxes of stuffing and 3 cans of pumpkin … total with taxes … $4.41. One single pouch/box of the stuffing is almost $2 at the grocery store ... each of the above boxes contained 6 pouches! That's a $12 value for each box for $.61! (We won’t eat the stuffing ourselves, but will use it when preparing dishes for meals to take to others or for fellowship meals at church.)
A note about the pumpkin … my husband made a crust less pumpkin pie this week using a can of the  pumpkin we bought substituting the sugar for Splenda.  It was delicious and had no effect on his sugar level numbers!  Win!  Win!
I strained up bacon grease from a meal of hog jowl (hog jowl is basically the same as bacon only cut thicker.),  I’ll use it for seasoning purposes.
We needed milk so I went to the freezer and pulled out one of the gallons we had frozen several weeks ago.  I let it thaw in the refrigerator and it was good as new!   (When I freeze milk, I take out about a cup to allow for expansion and then freeze the whole carton.)
I saved ribbon from a box of candy.  It was beautiful and in good shape so I rolled it up and added it to the gift wrap portion of my pantry.
A friend from Tennessee called this week and asked me if I was still looking for popcorn tins … I said yes … she was at a thrift store and found some … the price $.25 - $.50 each!  She purchased them for me and I will get them in August when I see her.  What do I want popcorn tins for?  To store dry and dehydrated foods in, craft supplies in, sewing items in … the list is endless!

I made book marks this week using ribbon, pony tail holders and buttons that I had on hand.  Some were for me and some were to put away in my gift trunk for future gifts.  This picture doesn't do them justice ... they are really cute... here is a much better picture along with instructions.  (I stitched mine up in such a way that the pony tail holder does not go looped around the button.)  The materials I used in this picture are pink ribbon with white dots, a black pony tail holder and black buttons.  I need to work on my lack of photography skills!!!!!
I needed another ‘magazine holder’ for the magazines that I keep long term but since we’re on a really tight budget right now buying one was out of the question.  So I did the next best thing, I made one using a Carbquick box.  The Carbquick boxes are sturdier than most cereal boxes so it was the perfect choice.  Here's a tutorial on how to do this.

Our Sam's Club rewards account was accredited with the points we earned last year from shopping there.  We earned enough to renew our membership fee for 2015 and to purchase one for our children.
Here is a question I received 
Question:  I have recently begun looking at my sewing supplies stash and wishing to be able to be more prepared in that area. Have you or would you share your strategy for stocking and what you stock in your fabric pantry?

Answer: I stock my fabric pantry the same way I stock my food pantry ... by shopping sales, clearances and using coupons. If I have any money, whether I need the fabric or not, if I can get it cheap by taking advantage of sales, clearances or coupons I buy it. I keep it in tubs until I need something then I shop from what I have on hand.  I stock fabrics of all kinds, threads, notions and patterns.  I also save portions of fabric from worn out clothing and add them to my fabric pantry. The same goes for thrift store clothing.  If I like the fabric of a garment and it's in good condition, if even it's not the right size and if it's cheap enough, I buy it, bring it home, cut it apart and add it to my fabric pantry.  I hardly every pay full price for fabric!

Here’s my pantry to-d0 list for next week:
Continue canning pinto beans
Can collard greens

Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry or live frugally?

A Working Pantry

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