Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pantry Challenge #41 ... 2015

October is such a busy and beautiful month!    In our area it’s the month when temperatures start to cool and outside activities become enjoyable.

And did I mention that it is a BUSY month!!!!

My to-do list from last week:

Make Gwen’s bread … Didn’t get done!

Get a jar of cider fire started.  Done!

Make some elderberry syrup for cold and flu season … Didn’t get done!

Vacuum seal 25 lb bag of sugar in quart jars … Done!  I added 2 (1) gallon jars and 8 quarts of sugar to my pantry.

In addition:

I made some ginger ice cubes to go in tea/water by chopping it up, adding water and blending in a blender.  I strained the sludge out, poured the ginger water into ice cube trays and froze them.  When they were completely frozen I popped them out and put them in ziplock bags and then in the freezer where they’ll stay until ready for use.

I started teaching myself how to crochet this week.  I try to work on it a few minutes most every day. 

I started a soup bag for the freezer this week.  We had a small amount of leftovers left from a meal; it wasn’t enough for another meal or even enough for one person so I started a soup bag.  The next time I make a pot of soup, I’ll add the contents of this bag to the pot.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to add leftovers to it!

We found these boxes of frozen cod fillets at Sam’s Club this week for $.51/box. We purchased 3 boxes and added them to our pantry.  Before I added them to the freezer though, I took out enough for supper.  They were quite tasty and you can’t beat $.25 for meat for a meal!

We’re working on winter preps and this week we added two boxes of matches (250 each)  to our pantry.  We’ll use them for starting fire in our wood stove this winter.

We enjoyed homemade ‘TV’ dinners for supper one night that I had froze using leftovers a couple of weeks ago.

Sweet potatoes are starting to be dug in our area and we have started gleaning the fields, with the owner’s permission, after the owners are through harvesting.  I have a crate full curing now and in about a week, I’ll start canning them.

I finished shelling the dried okra pods that I harvested from our garden a couple of weeks ago.  I shelled enough for next year’s planting, packaged them up and added them to our 2016 garden seed collection.

I washed and cleaned up pumpkins and gourds we got while traveling recently and then sprayed them with a clear coating.  I’ll use them to decorate my porch.  The clear coat will help keep them from rotting.  I need some pine straw and dried corn stalks to finish out the decorating, both of which can be had for the gleaning.

I baked a 16 layer (yes, you read right … the cake as 16 (1/4 inch) layers ... see picture above) chocolate cake for my husband to take to a tool party that was being given for a young man who is about to get married.  I had everything in my pantry that I needed except the sour cream and we were able to borrow it from a neighbor.

And finally, fall cleaning has started!!!

Here’s my pantry to-do list for the upcoming week:

Plant garlic

Start canning 25 lb bag of pinto beans

Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry or live frugally?


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