Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Question & Answer: Work Savings? ... part 2

After answering a question from this post ... in this post, I received another question ...

Thanks for answering this question with an entire's exactly what I needed right now as I try to make a decision whether to leave my job or not. For's mental. I am so "fried" when I get home that I'm no good to anyone. I want to come home full-time even though I have no young children who need me at home. I feel I would have to explain my decision to everyone...why do some of us feel this way? Have you ever addressed this in a post?

Here's my response ...

Let me say before I address this readers question that I have worked outside my home on more than one occasion when the need arose.  In fact, earlier this year my husband and I thought it might be necessary for me to return to the work force again due to huge increases in our health insurance premiums … just to be able to get the health insurance.  But after much prayer and taking an honest look at what it would cost financially, my earning potential, what it would do to me health wise/mentally and how it would affect our family, we decided it would be the better choice for our family for me not to work outside the home but to continue earning through saving and being frugal at home.

I know some working wives and mothers who earn enough financially to justify their working outside their homes.  They have no desire to be stay-at-home wives and mothers, they have found what works for them and their families and they are pursuing it.  I support them completely!  I am not anti-working outside your home if you are a wife and/or mother. But let’s be honest, working outside your home if you are a wife or mother is hard, pure and simple. Not only do you have your outside the home work obligations but you also have your home obligations, your children’s needs to see to (regardless of their age) and your husband’s needs as well.  Cooking and cleaning don’t get done by themselves and neither does the laundry and grocery shopping.  Are you really a ‘present’ member of your family or are you so tired and overburdened that you just feel like you are going through the motions, getting the next thing done so that you can go on to the next thing to be done?

Not everyone is cut out to ‘have so much on their plate.”

And finally, why do some of us feel we have to explain ourselves for wanting to be full time homemakers?  We feel this way because this is the way society as taught us to feel.  Being a homemaker is a fine and noble job, but it’s not easy and there is no glamour associated with it in today’s world.  The world portrays the working wife and mother as having it all together and keeping everyone happy in the process while the full time homemaker is often portrayed as lazy and/or missing out on life’s best.   Wives and mothers who work outside their homes because they want to as well as those who work outside their homes because they have to are quick to tell us that it is not easy and definitely not glamorous. Women who chose full time homemaking as their ‘careers’ are also quick to tell us that ‘lazy’ and 'missing out on life’s best’ do not describe their lives.

Is there room in our society for the homemaker and the working wife and/or mother? Yes, and it’s up to us to be proud of the road we choose while being supportive of both!  It starts with each of us!

I hope this answers your question!

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