Monday, October 3, 2016

Hitting the Pause button ...

I'm hitting the 'pause' button on blogging for a few days as we concentrate on prepping for a possible hit from hurricane Matthew.

The governor of our state issued a 'state of emergency' today and we are taking it seriously.  So, for the next few days we will concentrate on securing anything that could become flying debris and filling in the last minute gaps of our hurricane preps.

It could still turn and go out to the ocean but everything we're hearing now is that it is taking a north westward track which would not be good for our area.  Right now, the projected time frame for hurricane Matthew's arrival to our area is the weekend.  Anyone that has ever had anything to do with hurricanes know that anything can change at anytime, tomorrow things could look totally different!  Let's hope it makes a change for the better. In the meantime, we need to prepare.

I'll do my best to give updates here on this post as we go along.  Everyone in the path of this hurricane please be safe ... to all who are of a mind to pray, all prayers are appreciated!

Update Wednesday, 10/5/2016:  A state of emergency was declared for our state on Monday afternoon and yesterday the first mandatory evacuation was given ... it was for a college in a coastal city about 45 minutes to an hour from us.    I had to go pick up some prescriptions at Sam's Club yesterday and while we were there we saw 2 generators being purchased and 2 that had already been purchased and were waiting for pick-up.  We also saw lots and lots of grocery carts that had multiple cases of bottled water and snack foods in them.  We continue to check off items on our 'to-do' list in preparation for a possible hit from hurricane Matthew.  Thankfully, we don't have a lot of things that need to be purchased, most of our preps involve 'battening down the hatches' and doing some cooking ahead.

Update Thursday, 10/6/2016:  Yesterday we were getting the news that hurricane Matthew was going to bear off to the east and that our area would not be getting a direct hit. That made us feel better ... late last night and again this morning the forecast has changed back to the original. Hurricane Matthew is now tracking more westward and we are back on the possible direct hit list.  Such is the nature of a hurricane, we just don't know what they're going to do and so we continue to prepare.  Evacuations from coastal areas have started and traffic on the main thoroughfare in our area is quite heavy.  We are about 60 miles from the coast and have no plans to evacuate.  At the very minimum (without a direct hit) according to weather forecasts, we are on track for heavy rain causing flooding (up to 15 inches in some areas) and wind which would bring down trees ... which could bring down power lines.  I did some cooking ahead yesterday and will head back outside today to do some more battening down the hatches.  I sure am glad that we don't need anything from the grocery store because they are getting kind of crowded!  Thank you to all who are praying, please keep praying.

Update Friday, 10/7/2016:  The current predictions for Hurricane Matthew and our area looked better as of last night.  The forecast was that “Matthew” would turn right before it gets to us and loop back out into the ocean. We were being told that we could get up to 15 inches of rain and high winds if this scenario played out … over a 2 day period of time.   That was as of last night, this morning; it looks like there is a good chance that  Matthew will travel up the east coast further before making the turn to loop … which means it will be in our area.  Can we just say ‘merry-go-round!’    As for our preps yesterday, we took a ham out of the freezer to cook for sandwiches and filled up empty soda bottles with water to freeze plus we continued to work on battening down the hatches. If the power goes out, the ice bottles will be used to help keep refrigerated items cool, as we won’t be able to run the generator 24/7.  My husband did a generator check-up and got our gas cooker ready for use.  We also did a mental reminder of where our disposable paper plates, cups and plastic-wear are.  If the power goes out we will mostly definitely be getting those items out to use. Our area is currently under a tropical storm warning and a flash flood warning.  We are predicted to start feeling the effects of Matthew sometime within the next 24 hours and go into Sunday ...  as of right now. Stay tuned, it will probably change!
   Weather conditions at my house this morning ... it is raining!
Thank you to all who are praying!

Update Friday, 10/7/2016 p.m.:  We are starting to get some of the outer most bands of rain from Hurricane Matthew. The wind is also beginning to pick up.  The forecast has stayed pretty much the same for our area all day.  Emergency shelters were opened in various places in the county today as well.  We went this morning and filled up a couple of more cans with gas and would have purchased more gas containers but there was not one to be found anywhere.  We have gotten numerous calls and texts from concerned family and friends.  Thank you for your concern and prayers.  Please keep those prayers going ...

Update Saturday, 10/8/2016 a.m.: We still have power this morning!  YEAH!!!!  The wind has picked up considerably overnight as has the rain.  I kept hearing noises on the front porch when I first got up this morning so I opened the door to find out what it was ... you're going to laugh, it's okay I chuckled when I saw what I had NOT done ... I meant too ... it was on my to-do list ... I forgot to remove my hanging flowers on the front porch ... go ahead and laugh, it's okay, a little humor in situations like this is good!!!!  Sometimes when we're ticking off the big things on our to-do list we overlook the little ones. So, now I get to go out and rescue my hanging plants. Did I  mention that the wind is blowing and it's raining and that between the two of them combined my front porch is a wet mess!!!  I plugged all our electronics in last evening and charged everything up that would hold a charge.  I got the ham cooked and it is ready for sandwiches. The forecast for our area today is a whole lot of mess and none of it good ... I will update again tonight if possible.  Today is when we really need those prayers so don't stop praying now!

P.S. ... In addition to our safety, here's a specific prayer request for those who are praying: We have several ginormous trees in our yard, please pray that they stay upright and don't come down on our house or outside buildings.  Thank you!

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