Friday, December 2, 2016

Countdown to Christmas ... 12/02/2016

This morning I had to go into town to get my allergy shots and there was a little four year old girl there that had to get hers too.  She cried, poor little thing, I don’t like getting them either and I can just image being four years old and having to take them.  Anyway, after she finished getting her shots and had returned to the waiting area that we all have to sit and wait for 3o minutes after our shots in, she was still crying and whimpering.   Eventually, she stopped crying and started singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, well I knew just what to do … (now, remember, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket … seriously) I started singing along with her and she looked at me and I looked at her and after a few seconds she sang a little louder and I sang a little louder and we just had ourselves a really good time.  Did we stop at one song, no ma’am, we sang Jingle Bells too!  Then it was time for me to go have my injection sites checked and leave.  Before I left I wished the little girl and her mother a Merry Christmas.  I hope what I was able to do helped the little girl take her mind off of her injection sites for a little while and enjoy a few moments of holiday cheer.

I came home and got to work on a couple of games for our church’s children’s Christmas party this weekend.  I am responsible for 2 games and a desert.  Here is one of the games I made.  (The idea came from Pinterest!) The object of this game is to toss those green circles onto Rudolph’s antlers!  I think the children will enjoy it!

And of course I listened to Christmas music … and sang along!

This is what I did today that brought me holiday joy, what about you?

12/3/2016 Update:  Here are the instructions on how we made the Rudolph game ... I found an empty box the size I wanted, taped it closed and wrapped it in plain brown paper that I had on hand. I cut the white circles (around the eyes) out of a thin box I was getting ready to throw away and outlined them with a wide black marking sharpie.  The black part of the eyes I cut out of a piece of foam because that was what I had on hand.  The nose I cut out of a piece of cardstock because that is what I had on hand. I outlined it with the same wide marking black sharpie I used on the white part of the eyes.  My husband went outside and found and cut two small branches that would work for the antlers.  Once he had those back inside I asked him to take the box cutter and cut two 'x's' in the top of the box where the antlers would go. (Don't cut your 'x's' too big or your antlers won't stand up.)  I stuck the antlers down through those 'x's'.  All that was left to do was open the package of glow sticks that I had purchased for $1 and put them together.

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