Monday, March 6, 2017

The Ways of My Household … 3/6/2017

This past week brought both warm weather and cold weather to our area.  We started the week off with warm temps but by the later part of the week we were getting nightly freeze warnings.  This has been such a strange winter.

The picture is of the redbud tree outside my front door. 

When the weather turned cooler I pulled out the afghan I’ve been slowly working on and added a few more rows to it.  (I’ll share a picture of it when I get it completed.)  I crocheted 1 face cloth this week as well.  Savings:  $4  I have such a long to-do list of crochet items I want to do … I think I am becoming a crochet addict!!!   

We saved $114.26 using coupons and shopping sales for pantry and non-pantry items in addition to the savings below ...

We found these candles on clearance for $4 each; the regular price was $15 each.  They are manufactured by The Yankee Candle Company and they smell really good.  In addition, the jars when empty will serve as great storage containers as there is no writing on them anywhere other than the label.  Savings:  $44   

My husband loves pimento cheese and every once in a while we’ll buy the ingredients needed to make a big batch of it. We did this week and spent approximately $20 for the ingredients.  If we had purchased the pimento cheese ready to eat from the store it would have cost approximately $50.   Savings to us by making it ourselves:  $30

I’ve been working on inventorying and restocking my first aid tub this week and added band aids and antibiotic cream to it.  Both were on sale and we saved $11.50

I’m loving my 100 Day Essential Oil Challenge so much!  In fact, I’m going to give this challenge its own post starting this week.  I’ll be sharing what I’m learning and giving you the links, books, etc that I’m learning from so be watching for this, that way you can learn right along with me if you like.  

Not working outside my home … Saved $100

Thus far this year my Vicky Challenge Savings  savings/earnings have been $5616.59, add this week’s amount ($303.76) and the total for 2017 thus far comes to $5920.35.

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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