Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Learning About Essential Oils in 100 Days ... some basics!

If you are a regular reader of A Working Pantry blog you know that I set challenges for myself.   I taught myself how to crochet through a challenge, I’m learning how to machine quilt through a challenge and now I’m also learning about essential oils through a challenge.

Here are my rules … It’s a 100 day challenge and the days don’t have to be consecutive.  I am using all means of social media, the online world, books, person-to-person conversations, etc to reach my goal of completing this challenge.

I am on day 12 of the challenge and have been very impressed with what I’m learning thus far, and since some of you are learning along with me I thought we’d start at the basics.

I asked my go to essential oil person, Laura, these questions and she graciously gave permission to share her answers.

Which diffuser do you recommend?

Laura’s answer:  she told me about the 3 that Doterra sells and the one that most impressed me was the one that would run all night.  That was what I was looking for …one that would be safe to run for long periods of time ... it’s called the Aroma Lite.  If you’re interested in one, you can ask Laura about it here.

And then Laura gave me this tip … this is one of those things that is going to be so helpful in my venture into essential oils … are you ready, here goes …

Use a rolodex , the old-fashioned kind, to keep your oil blend recipes in that you use in your diffuser.   Now, how neat is that!  As Laura pointed out … thrift stores are great places to find them!!!!  Guess what’s going on my thrift store shopping list???  I love this tip, thank you Laura! 

Do we need to be concerned about keeping essential oils in a cool, dark place?

Laura’s answer: It is best, like we do with herbs, nothing extreme.  (She told me she keeps hers at room temperature.)

Do essential oils have an expiration date?

Laura’s answer:  Yes, there is an expiry date, however, that is ONLY for potency...they will NEVER expire...unless you make a product where you're making, say lotion or facial products...think of all the ingredients in a homemade product, and the shelf life of the least expiring item will, of course affect the product.

Thank you Laura for answering my questions! 

Now it's your turn!  What are some basic tips or information about essential oils you know about that you can share?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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