Saturday, April 15, 2017

My Favorite Books for Learning about Herbs, Herbal Remedies and Essential Oils

If you've been reading A Working Pantry very long you'll know that I keep a portion of the medicinal part of my pantry stocked with herbs and essential oils. I am learning how to use them through reading and research.  I have by the process of weeding through several books, found some that suit my style of learning ... which means they are easy to read and understand.  

Since I've recently been asked what my favorite herbal and essential oil books are again, I thought I would share the ones I use the most.

These are my absolute favorites and the ones I find myself going back to time after time.

Alchemy of Herbs is the latest addition to my library and thus far, I am finding it easy to use and understand.

Update:  I had Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails on my bookshelf but had not dived into it yet, but yesterday when a reader suggested it I went and pulled it from the shelf.  I now know why I purchased it, it is full of suggestions and ways to help treat specific illnesses using essential oils.  This book will join the others listed above as my 'go-to' resources when needed.  Thank you Allegra for your suggestion!

What are your favorite go-to herb and essential oil books?

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