Wednesday, May 22, 2019

30 Day Preserving Challenge: Day 4, Potatoes

We've been digging potatoes from our garden and I've been preserving them as fast as I can. 

Total canned as of this writing … 35 quarts and we've only dug 1 out of 4 rows.  We still have 3 rows to go!  I think we will be well supplied for the coming year with potatoes!!!

I followed the Ball Blue Book food preservation instructions and pressure canned them for 40 minutes at 10 pounds pressure.

A Working Pantry

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  1. Wow? Those look great! I am thinking of all the quick meals you will be able to make.

  2. Wow!! That's fantastic! I have about 300lbs sitting on my dining room floor and another two huge rows to dig. I haven't ever canned potatoes and so it's going to be a learning curve. I would love to know if you have perfected the best way to get them washed up. I'm afraid to send that much dirt down the sink and into my septic tank. :)
    Thank you for the daily encouragement! Kim

    1. The Powers Family, we put the potatoes in crates and then hose them down outside. Most of the dirt washes right off and drains through the openings of the crates. I'll do a post showing how we do this the next time we dig potatoes. Great question!

  3. Great job. We are still eating the potatoes I bought last year from a local farm. Only a few left.

    1. Making Cents Of It All, we wouldn't be able to store any type of fresh food here for that long due to heat and humidity.

  4. That was absolutely inspiring!! I look forward to your posts every day and come away with something to use or think about for my day.


    1. Judy, what an encouraging comment, thank you!


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