Wednesday, August 3, 2022

For Such A Time As This, part 18: Back-ups!

I had some left-over stewed squash that needed to be used and the first thing that came to mind was 'make a squash casserole.'

I knew I had all the ingredients needed for the recipe except milk.  We are not milk drinkers and unless I'm making yogurt or we get on a milk and cereal kick, there really is no reason to keep it on hand since our 'cooking' needs for it are minimum. So, when this recipe called for milk, I fell back on my 'milk' substitution standby ...

I went to my pantry, pulled out a can of evaporated milk, grabbed an empty jar and began making a milk substitution.  The ratio is one can of evaporated milk to one can of water.  I mixed both in the jar and proceeded to use what I needed for the recipe.  Since I had remaining milk left in the jar, I'll purposefully look for recipes that call for milk and use it up
within the week.

For such a time as this we need to have back-ups for the things we use and DON'T use a lot of!

If you find this series helpful, please share it with others.  If we all do what we can to help each other whether it be through writing, sharing, teaching, coming along beside each other or any other means, the world will be a better place!

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  1. We ran out of milk last Friday and haven't been to Aldi to get more so we pulled a quart of shelf stable milk from our storage and put it in the fridge. It's great to have items on hand to avoid the stores in this heat!

  2. I did not know this. Thank you Patsy!

    1. MamaHen, you're welcome! It's the main reason I keep evaporated milk on hand!!!

  3. I use undiluted evaporated milk if I need cream in a recipe. While I don’t think it will whip like cream (unless maybe really cold?), it’s richer and thicker than milk for the purpose of cream substitute. Also, powered milk has helped get me through when in a pinch for milk.

    1. Anonymous, I did not know that evaporated milk could work as a substitute for cream ... or if I did, I had forgotten it!

  4. I keep shredded unsweetened coconut in my pantry to make non dairy milk as well as a few cans of coconut cream for recipes for my family who are dairy free. I also keep evaporated milk, dry milk and dry heavy cream.

    1. Cookie, I need to add dry heavy cream to my pantry!

  5. I don't keep milk in the fridge either and if the recipe calls for a cup or more I will use evaporated milk 1/1 mixed with water. Occasionally I am making something that requires much less milk so I keep a can of Nido powdered milk on hand to reconstitute in small amounts.


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