Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pantry Challenge #25 ... 2014

We have finally been experiencing some fall weather!  I love fall, in fact it’s probably my favorite season of the year.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting the cooler temperatures and they are finally here!  Welcome Fall!

My to-do list from last time:

Do a big batch of pecan waffles for the freezer.  Done!  My husband helped me and together we made enough pecan waffles for 7 future meals in addition to making enough for our breakfast that morning.  It took us about 2 hours from start to finish, including eating our breakfast in the middle of the whole process.  It is definitely something we will do again when our waffle supply runs out. After the waffles were cooled, packaged and sealed, they were put in the freezer part of our pantry.

Make sauerkraut.  Done!  I have 4 gallon pickle jars of sauerkraut fermenting.

Dehydrate lemon slices.  Done!  I added 2 jars of dehydrated lemon slices to my pantry. I had one lime that needed dehydrating as well so I sliced it and dehydrated it with the lemons.  The lemon and lime slices that I dehydrate will be reserved for those times when we run out of fresh lemons and limes at the end of the month when there’s more month than money.  0:)

Here’s what else I got done ….

I made another gallon of cider fire.

I harvested and dehydrated more plantain.

I started a batch of elderberry tincture.  It needs to sit and be shaken daily for 3 – 4 weeks before it is ready to use.

Made a batch of lemon and honey as part of my preparing for the upcoming cold and flu season.  It can be taken in tea or water, used as a spread on toast or taken by spoon.  The lemon loosens up phlegm and the honey helps to soothe irritation.  I took one cup of raw honey and put it in a pint jar.  I added, 2 tablespoons of lemon peel and slices from a whole lemon.  (Be sure to wash the lemons before using.)  I put a lid on the jar and sat it in the refrigerator to let it blend and do its thing.  It will stay in the refrigerator until needed.

Per the instructions from a lady on the Facebook group, Pantry Ladies, I'm starting a small portable price check notebook that fits nicely in my purse and that will be with me when I’m out shopping.  I’ve done the larger version before but I can never remember what it says when I’m out shopping and it’s at home!  This will work much better for me.

Here’s my to-do list for this week:

Order vitamin C powder to make vitamin C capsules

Make a big batch of low-carb zucchini muffins for the freezer.  (I'm working on trying to get some breakfast freezer meals in the freezer.)

From the same Facebook group mentioned above, another lady shared the recipe she uses for making Miracle Healing Salve.  It’s good for cuts, scrapes and all kinds of boo-boo’s!  I want to make a batch of this and add it to the medicinal part of my pantry.

Now it’s your turn, what pantry related things have you done since we last talked?

A Working Pantry

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