Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pantry Challenge #26 ... 2014

If you’re following along with my monthly pantry goals you’ll see that I was able to complete September’s goal of preparing for cold and flu season.  It will be so nice to have the things needed on hand before we get a cold or even worse the flu.  It means (1) at the first sign of sickness we’re prepared to go into treatment action (2) it allows us to not have to go out and purchase what we need at a time when we feel the worst and (3) it keeps us from spreading our sick germs to others.

My October pantry goal focuses on adding meat to our pantry.   The goal is to add an additional month’s worth of ‘meat’ for meals above what we will normally eat.   We’ve been blessed with a ‘head-start’ already.  Read on to see what I mean! 

My to-do list from last time:
Order vitamin C powder to make vitamin C capsules  … Done! 
Make a big batch of low-carb zucchini muffins for the freezer.  … Done!  I made low-carb pecan muffins instead.
Make re-mineralizing tooth paste  … Didn’t get done!
Make Miracle Healing Salve … Didn’t get done!

Here’s what else I got done ….
Someone gave us several large catfish that they had caught while fishing.  My husband cleaned and dressed them and we added 11 packages of catfish nuggets to our pantry at no cost to us.  This will help me reach my pantry goal for October!
I ordered licorice root from The Bulk Herb Store.  I needed it for an herbal remedy I already have in the making plus the herbal decongestant I want to make.
I found clear page protectors and ball point pens on clearance and bought them.  I added them to the stationary part of my pantry.
I had some fresh ginger left from making cider fire last week so I grated it up and dehydrated it.
While running an errand for a friend we came across a sale on Dove’s Coconut Milk soap bars, 14 bars per box, regular $14.98 per box on clearance for $4.91 per box.  We grabbed up 2 boxes.  These 28 bars of soap will last us for a very long time! 
Our bulk purchase for the week was 20 lbs of slab bacon that we purchased for $2.60/lb.  I divided it up into meal size portions and froze it.
I cooked a small ham the end of last week and we’ve had it for a couple of meals since.  One morning toward the end of this week, I made hot ham and cheese sandwiches for breakfast leaving 2 slices remaining.  Well, we were kind of getting tired of ham, the sandwiches were meal number 3 in one week’s time, so I took the 2 remaining slices and chipped them up into ¼ inch cubes and froze them.  We’ll use them in an omelet  … later!!!!
I had left over raw onion rings from a meal we had earlier in the week and since I didn’t have anything on the menu that needed onions, I chopped them up and froze them.  I added 2 (1 cup) packages to the pantry part of my freezer.

Here’s my to-do list for next week:
Make vitamin c capsules using the vitamin c powder I purchased last week.
Make Miracle Healing Salve

Here’s some questions I received from last week’s pantry challenge and their answers (this is where I’ll answer questions received each week instead of in the comments section)
What are pecan waffles? We take our waffle recipe, chop up some pecans and add them to the batter before cooking them on a waffle iron. They are delicious!  They freeze well too and reheating them in the microwave is super easy!
Where do you order vitamin c powder?  I order it from Amazon.

The Specific Area of My Pantry That I’m Focusing  On This Month   I like to set pantry goals each month that allows me to focus on a specific area of my pantry in addition to the more general pantry building that I do each week.   For the month of October, I'm  focusing on adding as much meat to my pantry as possible. I'll be watching the sales ads and checking closely for marked-down meats. I'd like to add a month’s worth of additional meat for meals to my pantry above our normal usage.  Here's what I've added thus far this month ...

11 packages of fresh catfish nuggets ... my husband had to clean and dress the fish but other than that they were FREE!

20 lbs of bacon

Now it’s your turn, what pantry related things have you done since we last talked?

A Working Pantry

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