Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Gift Trunk ... another part of my pantry

 An important part of my working pantry is a gift trunk.  My gift trunk is an old antique trunk that was given to my husband and I many years ago. It was painted green when it was given to us and it remains painted green to this day.    It’s just the right size for my small house and fits in with the d├ęcor of my home quite well.

My green trunk functions in an important role in my house, not only does it look pretty and bring beauty to my home, but it also houses all the things I purchase or make for gift giving.  When I find something on a really good sale that would make a good gift, I purchase it and add it to my gift trunk until an occasion arises to gift it.  When I make something for gift giving purposes, it is added to my gift trunk as well until an occasion arises to gift it. 

By having a gift trunk, I am most always ready to give a gift when the occasion arises.  Usually the gift is of a higher value than I could afford to pay if I had not gotten it on sale.  If it is a gift made with my hands, it is usually better made than if I had waited to the last minute to make it.  By making gifts ahead I enjoy the process more than if I had waited to the last minute and rushed to get it done.  I don’t do my best work when I’m rushed.

Here’s a picture of a baby doll that I recently added to my gift trunk.  The regular price was $19 and some change … I paid $6.81 for it. Since it is an 18 inch doll, free doll clothes patterns will be easy to find online.  I can see this little cutie, along with a blanket, diapers, maybe a baby carrier and clothing (made by me) all wrapped up in a pretty way being gifted to a little girl. 

Having a gift trunk is one of several parts of my working pantry and it is one that is quite fun to fill … and to shop from when needed.

A Working Pantry

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