Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pantry Challenge #15 ... 2015

This week was all about visiting with my mama and walking down memory lane together and my picking her brain on how she kept us all clothed and fed growing up.  I learned the foundation of what I know about keeping a well-stocked pantry from her and this week was so precious to me as I listened and gleaned as we visited and talked.  (We’ve been on a working vacation for the last 2 weeks which included visits with my mom and children.)

This week was also about friends … best friends … friends that let you stay, visit and come and go in their home whenever the need arises.  Friends that you laugh with and shop with and make things ‘pretty with’ and can totally let your hair down and be yourself with.  Friends that asked nothing of you except your friendship.  We have been blessed over the last 2 weeks to get to spend time with friends such as this, in their home, coming and going as we needed.  B and J, you make our trips home doable and we love you. 

My to-do list from last time:   

Bargain shop.  Done!  I found a full set of queen size sheets and pillow cases at Goodwill for $7.99.  They were 100% cotton and I’m pretty sure they were new.  I was so happy to find these as we only have one set of sheets for our bed and they are getting worn.

We found shortbread cookies on clearance at Sam’s Club … regular price $7.94 … on clearance for $1.91.  We won’t eat them because we eat low-carb, but they will make good snacks for the little ones in our lives.

We also got free sample travel size bottles of hand sanitizer from a kisosk at Sam’s Club.  These are just the right size to carry in a purse.

That wasn’t the only free things we got from a kisosk at Sam’s Club … at a different Sam’s Club we got sample size bottles of Finish dishwasher rinse aid.

We hit the after Easter candy sales and got several packages of chocolate candy.  I brought them home and vacuum sealed them in jars.  Go HERE and click on Preserving Candy to see what I do with it.

In addition:

My husband was able to get in some fishing while we were away and we brought home most of what he and his brother-in-law caught.  Of course, these were added to the freezer part of my pantry.

Our daughter gave us an almost full box of Carbquick.  We were glad to get this as we’ve been out for a while and just had not ordered more.

I took advantage of a 50% off coupon I had from JoAnn’s Fabric and added more ‘on sale’ fabric to the sewing part of my pantry.  One of the pieces I purchased was some ‘Mickey Mouse’ fabric to make a pillow case for my grandson as he is now sleeping on a big boy pillow.  He loves Mickey Mouse!  They were having a sale on Butterick patterns … 3 for $5 … so I picked out 2 little girl play clothes patterns and 1 blouse pattern for me.  I never pay full price for patterns.

I completed a Pinecone Survey.

I didn’t work on Swagbucks while we were traveling but carried over from last month some 1200 points which gives me a good start on this month’s personal goals.

We added $17.60 to our change jar.   This is actually 2 week’s worth of change.

Here’s my pantry to-d0 list for next week:

I have so much to do I’m not sure where to start!

The garden needs planting …

My herbs need planting …

The Cheerios we purchased on sale right before we left on our trip need to be vacuum sealed in jars …

Tea bags that we purchased on clearance right before we left on our trip also need to be vacuum sealed in jars …

I have ginger tincture that needs to be strained …

I need to finish vacuum sealing the oats that I started before we left on our trip …

Our yard needs to be mowed … you can image what it looks like with it not being mowed at all this year yet!

My mom gave me two compost bins that I need to get put together and start using …

I want to make a low-carb freezer breakfast casserole that a dear friend served us while we were at her house.  Our chickens are finally laying again and I want to make several breakfast casseroles to add to the freezer part of my pantry while I have plenty of eggs … this is the first one we’re going to try.

While we were at our friend’s house, her daughter who is also a dear friend of ours, made some spicey mixed nuts for us to snack on.  (These two dear ladies are so accommodating to us in our low-carb lifestyle.) The nuts were delicious and we want to try to duplicate the taste.

My lemon balm is ready to start harvesting as is my nettles …

The new fabric I purchased is itching to be stitched up into something …

As you can see, I have plenty to do! 

Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry or live frugally?

A Working Pantry

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