Monday, April 13, 2015

Annabel's Package!

If you’re a member of AWorking Pantry Facebook group then you know that I recently received a package from Annabel @ Bluebirds are Nesting.  You’ll also know that Annabel is very talented in the area of making things lovely and beautiful on a shoestring.  (You simply must visit her blog, if you haven’t already.)  So when I announced to the group that I had received a package from Annabel while we were gone, inquiring minds, knowing Annabel’s gift of making things beautiful, wanted pictures.

Can you see why this package jumped out at me in the stack of mail I was going through when we got home from our trip?   (I covered my address with a piece of cardboard.) I would have never thought of doing something so creative!
Inside the package are these goodies ... labels and tags that fit the d├ęcor of my kitchen perfectly.  You will see these on jars and containers  in my kitchen in the near future.  There was also a beautiful card with a handwritten note and envelope.  I have long admired Annabel's gift for making cards and envelopes and now that I've seen them in person, I can say that not only do they look beautiful in the pictures on her blog but that they truly are beautiful.

Thank you Annabel for using your talent, time and money to bless me with this package, I love everything in it … it is so me!  You have inspired me to 'pay it forward' and bless someone else with a similar package!

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