Saturday, April 18, 2015

Week-End Wrap-Up!

A Working Pantry has been busy online this week ... come take a peek ...

On A Working Pantry blog this week I shared about how I made a pattern from a dress I purchased at Goodwill; gave you a ‘heads-up’ about boneless, skinless chicken breast being on sale from Zaycon Fresh Foods; discussed the many things we  can do with the potatoes we raise in our gardens in our How Do You Use It Series; posted on how we earned extra money in March;  talked about how to read a Sam’s Club clearance tag; shared about a sweet surprise I got in the mail from a reader and posted the ever popular Pantry Challenge for the week.

On our A Working Pantry Facebook Group we talked about ways to deal with ‘fragrant feet/stinky feet’ and about some possible ways to treat inflammation in our herbs/essential oils/home remedies series. (We are not doctors so any information shared in this series is purely from a research or personally tried it point of view. Always consult your doctor or other medical professional when treating ailments.)

We did some sharing of posts we found online that help us in our pantry stocking endeavors.

The crockpot Monday’s and menu sharing days continue to be a big hit. Seems like all of us need a little inspiration when it comes to getting the most out of our crockpots and putting meals on the table.

We started a Swagbucks Station thread where those who want to learn how to earn Swagbucks can ask and get their questions answered.

And of course there is always lots of additional pantry talk going on.   I ended the week with the following teaser for the group …

I got a fantastic deal on something we've been wanting to purchase for a while now thanks to my son and daughter-in-law ... they found it and called me, I sent them the money and they purchased it for me, that's what I call team work ..... it saved me well over $100 ... have I got your curiosity up???? You'll have to wait until the next Pantry Challenge comes out on Sunday night to see what it is!!!

Next week in the A Working Pantry Facebook group we’ll continue on with our herbs/essential oils/home remedies series and I’ve got a couple of new things to throw at the group.  We’re having lots of fun and there’s a whole lot of learning going on not to mention the good chuckle that seems to erupt on a fairly regular basis!  If you’d like to join our A Working Pantry Facebook group go HERE!

A Working Pantry

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