Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Garden Walkthrough ...

Each morning I go out and give my gardens a walkthrough.  This means I slowly walk and look and assess what needs to be done.  It's such a quiet peaceful time for me and I look forward to it each morning.
I thought you might like to walk with me today ...

Our first stop is our blueberries, they're still green and there isn't a lot of them, but there's more than there was last year ... (Can you find the blueberries?)

By the front porch is my elderberries and as you can see they are blooming!

The grapevines have baby grapes ... can you see them?
Next to the elderberries is this big pot of nettles ... they are getting close to needing to be harvested again!

Next to the nettles is this big pot of plantain ... it too will need to be harvested before much longer.
The strawberries are blooming and I even found a green one or two!  Yikes! Do you see that grass!!!

Here's one garden ... there are things planted in it and yes, they are coming up, they are just so small that you can't see them in the picture.  You can see my row of flowers though ... or at least the ones that I transplanted.  The entire row is planted with flowers and I can't wait until they all start coming up!  I hope to have plenty of flowers for cutting and bringing in the house.

Here's another garden, there is squash, cucumbers, zucchini, okra and potatoes in this garden.  You can just barely make out the squash in the middle of the garden.  (Notice our sandy soil!)
It won't be much longer before the garlic is ready to harvest.  See how it is yellowing and beginning to droop?
Our raspberry bushes are loaded with little green raspberries.  I'm watching them closely ... as soon as they turn red I'll be harvesting them.
Last, but not least is the garden we share with a friend.  We spent a good part of the day in it staking the tomatoes using metal post and bailing twine.  This garden is full with every row having something planted in it ... some of it is so small you can't see it in a picture yet.
Have you enjoyed my morning walk-through? 

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