Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pantry Challenge #32 ... 2015

Another week has come and gone and I continue to prepare my pantry for the upcoming winter all the while living as frugally as possible.  

Here’s what I accomplished this week …

I purchased 5 packages of carrots on sale for $.69/bag and canned them. I added 7 pints of baby carrots to my pantry.

We harvested enough tomatoes out of the garden to can 24 quarts of tomato juice.

Our grapes are beginning to ripen so I went picking one day and found enough that were ripe to make 3 quarts of sugar free grape juice.

We had some ends and pieces of bread left from a loaf of white bread from when the doctor told my husband to eat it to help with his recent bout with diverticulitis.  I laid them out on a plate and let them air dry and will turn them into bread crumbs when they are completely dry.  Waste not, want not!

While at Aldi’s this week we discovered they were having a really good sale on skim milk as in …. $.79/gallon.   We don’t drink skim milk but I just couldn’t let that deal pass so we purchased one gallon and brought it home.   What did I do with it since we don’t drink skim milk?   I knew that I had some whole milk in the freezer that we had found on clearance a while back so I took two half gallons out of the freezer and thawed them.  I mixed the whole milk with the skim milk and viola I had 2 gallons of milk that we would use.  Now, we’re not milk drinkers so what will I do with 2 gallons of milk?  I’ll use some of it to make kefir milk, use some of it in meal preparations and finally, I’ll use the rest in some baking I need to do for an upcoming event. 

Also while at Aldi’s, we found organic salad beans on clearance for $.25/can.  We purchased 12 cans and added them to our pantry!

Our chickens are now 3 months old and we started butchering them this week.  We butchered 10 of them and added 6 packages of fryer parts, 5 packages of chicken breast, and 2 packages of wings to the freezer part of my pantry.  I also have the bony pieces to remove the meat from and can as well as use the feet to make broth to can.  There’s not much of these chickens that isn’t getting used!

I harvested and dehydrated more elderberries.  I think there might be one more harvesting and then they’ll be all gone until next year.   My elderberry plants are planted beside my porch which makes harvesting them easy and convenient!

I have more tomato peelings and pulp from the tomato juice I canned to dehydrate, grind and turn into tomato powder.  I’m adding quite a bit of tomato powder to my pantry using the leftover peelings and pulp.  Another opportunity to waste not, want not!

I harvested and saved some more Roma tomato seeds for next year’s growing season.

We found some black-out curtains on clearance that were the right size and color for our dining room windows.  The sun comes in rather strongly through these windows during the afternoon making that area of the house rather warm.  After hanging them we immediately started noticing a difference in the temperature in that area.   I’m hoping we’ll also notice a difference in our power bill!

A couple of weeks ago or maybe longer, I put some plain white flour in the freezer to kill any insect eggs that might hatch in the future.    This week I removed it from the freezer and will store it in a tub for long term storage.

We were gifted with 2 really large watermelons today … hmm, what shall I do with them … besides eat some, of course!

I watched the seventh episode of War Time Farm this week for free on youtube.  I am learning some new to me frugal tips from watching this series ... yes, I make it my business to keep learning as I age, we never get to old to learn.  There is one more episode that I haven’t watched and I hope to be able to watch it this week.

We added $4.50 in change to our change jar this week.

Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry or live frugally?


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