Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Learning To Depend Less Upon The Grocery Stores: Cake Mixes

Cake Mixes used to be one of those things that I searched and saved coupons for ... but not any more!  

As a child we hardly ever purchased store bought cake mixes, we always made our cakes from scratch so, in my attempt to be less dependent on the grocery store, I decided to go back to cooking the few cakes that I do bake from scratch.

And then I found this 'homemade' white cake mix and this 'homemade' yellow cake mix  and this 'homemade' spice cake mix and this 'homemade' chocolate cake mix ... which means I can have the convenience of a store bought cake mix without being dependent upon the grocery store for them!

For us low-carb eaters, here's a 'homemade'  vanilla cake mix and a 'homemade' chocolate cake mix.

I printed these mix recipes off and added them to the Food section of my notebook. Then I turned to the Basics list in my notebook and added the ingredients to make all these cake mixes:

all purpose flour
baking powder
baking soda
brown sugar
corn starch
ground ginger
pumpkin spice
non-fat dried milk or powdered buttermilk
oat fiber
coconut flour
stevia powder
vanilla why protein powder

If you look at all of the recipes you will notice that several of them share common ingredients ... I like stocking my pantry with ingredients that can be used to make more than one thing!

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