Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sewing Accomplishments: November 10, 2015

The part of my day today that I could sew was just a small pocket of time this morning. But, you know what, that is okay ... and it sure beats not getting to sew at all!

I started out mending a pair of pants for my husband.  Mending is my least favorite part of sewing but alas, it has to be done!

After that I got to work turning these 3 brand new on sale bath towels (I paid $2.74 each) into hand towels for our bathrooms.

I cut each towel in half and then in half again which gave me 4 hand towels from each bath towel.

 Today, I started hemming the 2 cut sides on each towel.  Here are 5 of the 12 towels stitched, folded and ready for use.  Each towel cost $.69 each.  Pretty good return on my money, if you asked me!

That’s what I got stitched up today, what did you do?

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Pantry Challenge #45 ... 2015

My husband and I are taking classes at a small biblical school that has just started this past fall in a nearby town and this week was finals week.  (Other than my family, I have two passions … keeping a well-stocked pantry and Bible study.) We each had 2 quizzes, a final exam and a presentation to do this past week.  We get a break until January when the next classes start so these next few weeks are going to be full speed ahead in the pantry stocking area as we’re trying to get prepared for a financially lean 2016. Hey, that rhymes … financially lean in 2016!

My to-do list from last week:
I didn’t have a to-do list from last week due to a big project my husband needed my help with.

In addition:
I found baby carrots on sale for$.69/lb at Aldi’s and purchased 8 bags.  I brought them home and canned 16 pints.  (pictured above)

I found 1 lb packages of ground chicken on clearance and purchased 3 of them.  I brought them home and made ‘chicken patties/balls’ out of them.  I didn’t use a recipe but just started adding different things … fresh cilantro from my herb garden, salt, pepper, red pepper I dried and ground during the summer, dried bread crumbs I made with stale bread, eggs from our chickens, some asparagus powder I made during the summer and a bit of basil I dried and ground up during the summer also.  I must say they turned out quite well, my husband liked them too,  and I must also say that I couldn’t duplicate the recipe again if I tried!   (This was before I found out I have a meat allergy.)

I worked on preserving some more sweet potatoes this week as well.   I canned 8 pints.  (also pictured above)

I used a 50% off coupon at Michaels and added another skein of yarn to the sewing part of my pantry.  In teaching myself to crochet, I have fallen in love with this art and am trying to build up the sewing part of my pantry with yarns by using coupons and taking advantage of sales.

Here’s my pantry to-do list for the upcoming week:

Shop sales and loss leaders  ( I've got my eye on a good butter sale ... we'll see what I'm able to do!)

Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry or live frugally?


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