Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Vicky Challenge #5 ... 2016

It’s been a week of ‘light duty’ as I’m still recovering from my dental procedure however, here’s how I saved/earned even on a ‘light duty’ week …

Downloaded The Passive Income Book by Steve Pavlina for free onto my kindle: Saved: $9.99  

Canned 7 quarts of turkey broth:  Saved:  (7 x $2.08) $14.56

Used wood stove to heat house for 3 days:  Saved (3 x $13) $29

Made homemade spray stain treatment using ingredients I had at home (I did have to purchase a bottle of ammonia which cost $1 but I estimate this will be enough to make  at least 10 bottles of the spray stain treatment.):  Saved ($2.74  … price of store bought spray stain treatment… - $.10 for the ammonia I had to buy and the savings equal $2.64.

Made jar of homemade gravy mix using ingredients I had at home:  Saved: $28.89  (I was astonished at how much this stuff cost in the grocery store!)

Baked a homemade carrot cake for someone …cost of ingredients I did not have on hand $1.00, minus the selling price of the cake earned me $24.

Made a batch of homemade soap using ingredients I had on hand: Saved: (11 bars x $4) = $44

Earned $25.69 through Amazon affiliate link usage.  Thank you to all who shop through my affiliate links!  It really does help!  

Earned $3 for doing a Pinecone Survey.

Total earned/saved this week in The Vicky Challenge … $ 181.77

Thus far this year my Vicky Challenge savings/earnings have been $1906.31, add this week’s amount to that and I've saved $2088.08.  I'm really enjoying seeing how much I save/earn from home.

How have you earned or saved money this week?  I would love to hear what you’re doing.

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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