Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Frugal Gardening: Bunching Onions!

We use a lot of onions!  We use them in cooking, for eating fresh and in herbal remedies.  We use a lot of onions so we grow as many as we can!

One kind that we grow is called a bunching onion or a multiplying onion.  We've been using the same bunching onions over and over for several years ... due to our mild winters we are able to do this.

Here's how we keep them going ...

One day this week I went to the raised bed where our bunching/multiplying onions had wintered over, they were looking pretty scraggly, and pulled all of them.  I separated the ones that had grown together in a bunch and cut the scraggly parts off leaving about 1/2 to 1 inch of the green leaves.  I trimmed the roots and set them in a bucket of comfrey tea that I had mixed up for this purpose.  I let them set in the tea for a couple of hours and then took them to another raised bed and reset them.  

This is not a real good picture but you can see enough to see the onions in their new raised bed.  In a few weeks new blades will start to grow which I will keep cut and use (only the blades) until fall when I'll let the blades grow.  By spring the onions will have multiplied and developed some seed heads and the process will start all over again.


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