Thursday, April 21, 2016

Frugal Gardening: Propagating Fig Trees

My husband loves figs and we don't have a fig tree in our small orchard, so after doing some research he decided that he wanted to try to propagate one.

He asked a friend who had a really nice fig tree if he could get some cuttings and the answer was yes, so off we went with with pruning shears in hand.

We cut several young small 'branches' that were between 1 and 2 feet long, set them in a bucket of water we had brought with us and brought them home.

We mixed up a container of garden soil and potting medium and set to work trimming all the leaves off the branches and then cutting the branches into approximately 6 inch pieces making sure that each piece had nodules on them.

My husband dipped each branch in water and then into a rooting hormone powder.  From there he 'planted' 4 'branches' in each pot using the soil mixture.

We only had 3 empty soda bottles in which to make a dome to create a greenhouse effect, so we set all of them in the greenhouse.  (The soda bottle dome was recommended in the research we did as was planting 4 branches together in each pot.) As my husband empties soda bottles he will add domes to the 3 that don't have one.

We're growing lemon trees from lemon seeds, planting garden seeds we've saved, learning how to make and use herbal fertilizers and now we're trying to grow fig trees from fig tree cuttings ... just call us the frugal gardeners!!!


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