Thursday, June 2, 2016

Small Amounts Add Up!

In this post, I shared with you my daily harvesting routine.  Harvesting daily means I, most of the time, gather small amounts.  Take a look at some of my 'small amounts' from this week and read about what I did with them ...

This broccoli was given to us and it was more than we could eat it so, I washed and cleaned it all up, blanched it for 3 minutes, let it cool and then vacuum sealed it into packages.  

These cucumbers were harvested from one of our container gardening pots.  I prepared some more refrigerator cucumbers and shared the rest with a friend.

While we were on our way to doctor appointments one day this week, we stopped in at CVS and picked up both of these packages of toothpaste for less than $1 total.  I used coupons and ECB's we already had and then earned the same amount of ECB's we had spent.

We're harvesting raspberries almost daily, a quart one day, two quarts the next, etc.  I'm turning them into raspberry syrup.  A 24 hour period is about what it takes to drain the syrup out of the berries after they have been crushed so this works out really well.

By harvesting daily, I can gather and preserve each days bounty without having to work well into the evening hours to get it completed.  I like that!

Taking advantage of 'small amounts' this week, I've added 2 packages of broccoli to my pantry, enjoyed fresh cucumbers, shared cucumbers with a friend, added 2 boxes of toothpaste to my pantry and am adding multiple raspberry cubes to my pantry as well.

Yes, small amounts do add up!

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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